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Music Monday #12

By 7:31 AM

Music Monday is a weekly feature I do to show off music must- haves!
This week I am featuring Dave Matthews Band! Their newest CD, Away From the World, dropped this past September and I have been loving it ever since. (I listened to it while grading papers yesterday, hence the feature this week.) I have been a huge DMB ever since their song "Satellite" came out in the 90's. I have been to see them multiple times in concert (3 or 4) and they just know how to put on a great show. I especially love their jam sessions together. It seems people either love Dave or hate him. I haven't found too many in-betweens! Because I am such a big lyricist, Dave hits the spot for me. I love their mellow sound and I love when they get crazy and start jamming. No matter my mood, there's usually a DMB cd I can put in to make me feel better. (If you have never heard Dave's live CDs, I highly recommend you listen to them. All I can say is, WOW. Live at Radio City with Tim Reynolds, and Live at Central Park are two of my all time favorite live CDs.)


Artist: Dave Matthews Band
Released: September 11, 2012
Track Listing:
1. Broken Things *
2. Belly Belly Nice
3. Mercy
4. Gaucho
5. Sweet
6. The Riff *
7. Belly Full
8. If Only *
9. Rooftop *
10. Snow Outside
11. Drunken Soldier *
12. Gaucho- Live at Hartford, CT*
13. Mercy- Live at Bristow, VA *
14. Sweet- Live at Cleveland, OH

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  1. Yay, DMB! I was so excited for this CD to come out last year and adore their live albums (and Dave and Tim's). I've seen them several times and their concerts never get old. It is funny how polarizing this group (he) is, but I'm firmly in camp LOVE and have been for the past 2 decades. Great post!

  2. How did I miss this? So let me get this straight... not only do your choices in books and Disney rock...your music does as well? I freaking love DMB :D :D "Stay or Leave" and "#41" are my all time faves though!

    1. :D Hehe. That made my night! Clearly, we're awesome. OMG. Stay or Leave live with Tim Reynolds? GIVES ME CHILLS! I love that song too. And #41 is also good! I can't say what my fave DMB song would be. That's so hard.


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