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Review: The Secret of Ella and Micha by Jessica Sorensen

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The Secret of Ella and Micha
    by: Jessica Sorensen

Publication Date: Oct. 4, 2012
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Source: e-copy from NetGalley*
Page Count: 182 pages
Order Links: Amazon | B&N
My Rating: 5/5 stars

Ella and Micha have been best friends since they were kids. But one tragic night shatters their friendship and their lives forever.

Ella used to be a rule-breaker with fiery attitude who wore her heart on her sleeve. But she left everything behind when she went to college and transformed into someone that follows the rules, keeps everything together, and hides all her problems. But now it's summer break and she has nowhere else to go but home.

Ella fears everything she worked so hard to bury might resurface, especially with Micha living right next door. If Micha tries to tempt the old her back, she knows that it will be hard to resist.

Micha is sexy, smart, confident, and can get under Ella’s skin like no one else can. He knows everything about her, including her darkest secrets. And he’s determined to bring his best friend, and the girl he loves back, no matter what it takes.

(New Adult Contemporary)
*Mature Content** Recommended for ages 17+ due to sexual situations and language

                                  -goodreads.com description

Wow, what an amazing book. I held off on reading it because I heard it was an emotional one and I wasn't ready to sit down with a heavy book. However, I sat down with it last night and devoured it. First of all, I love stories about best friends falling in love with each other. By far my favorite part of this book was watching the friendship/relationship between Ella and Micha unfold.

I was pulled in from the very first page and saw just how emotional this book was going to be. We meet both Ella and Micha in a very precarious situation. We really see the extent to which Ella is hurting and see how she is drowning in her despair from this first chapter. We also see just how much Micha cares for her and would do anything to keep her. He is her constant, the one person she can always depend on, and the only one who can drag her back from the depths of hell. He reveals his true feelings for her and the lines of friendship are blurred and crossed.

And then she walks away from it all.

GAH. I was screaming at her at this point. Stupid, stupid girl! You have a guy who knows your soul inside and out, knows all your crap and pain, and yet accepts and loves you anyway. And you freaking walk away from him?! Ella is a very fragile character, who after having gone through as much as she has, needs to be handled with care. So, as much as I hated it, I understood.

After 8 months of silence, Micha finally tracks her down and leaves her a voice mail pouring his heart out to her, which she can't bring herself to listen to. She heads back home after a year at college, where she is no longer the same Ella she once was. In her place, is the same broken girl who can't even look at her own reflection in the mirror, but wears a facade so great, no one would ever notice the person she used to be. No longer rough around the edges, Ella is refined- she watches watch she says, changes her appearance and clothing, and strives to do well in school. Ella travels with her polished, preppy friend Lila back to her home town, not realizing that you can never truly escape your past. It certainly doesn't help matters that Micha lives next door to her and is set on bringing back the girl he used to know.

I loved Micha. He will fight for her, but won't sacrifice his pride in the process. Slowly, but surely he works his way back into her life and her heart. He is constantly trying to convince her of his feelings for her and that he is not going to let her go again. Bit by bit he chips away at her numb exterior and helps her realize that she's worth having and being with. I will say, Ella put up a pretty good fight, but reaches a point where she no longer wants to keep Micha away.

This book really shows us how broken Ella and even Micha's home lives really are. She lost her mother to a drug overdose, her father is an alcoholic, and her brother has fled to start a new life for himself. He, on the other hand, is dealing with a father who had abandoned him as a child, who now wants to speak to him after years of silence.

Both characters have to work out their issues before they can truly give themselves to one another, and I think Sorensen did an amazing job of creating these two, broken characters and helping them realize that they are stronger together.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review*

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  1. I heart this book so much!! Heck I heart Jessica Sorensen, I always seem to devour everything she writes. I THINK this was the first book of hers I read. Love your review!! :)

    1. This was my first Jessica Sorensen book! I have a few others of hers and now I'm super excited to read them!!

  2. Great Review! I really loved this book too! I can't wait for The Forever of Ella and Micha on May 28th. I loved that he never gave up on looking for her and he never quit fighting for her. I really wanted to scream at her a few times too but I was so glad that she made the right choice :-) Have you read The Coincidence of Callie & Kaden yet?

    1. Thanks Chelsea! I can't wait either! I haven't read Coincidence yet, but I do have it on my Nook ready to go!

  3. I have heard amazing things about Jessica Sorensen. I have The Conincedence of Callie and Kayden just waiting for me on my kindle, but I hear it hurts and I need to emotionally prepare for it. Glad you loved this one, I'll have to add it to the TBR. Great review!

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

    1. LOL! Teresa- I am in the same boat! I've had Coincidence on my Nook but I heard it was really emotional, so I've held off! This one hurt, but it was overall a really hopeful read.

  4. I'd been debating whether or not to pick this series up, you've definitely got me interested in it Jessica!

    1. I really enjoyed it and I liked the characters. Definitely a good one!

  5. Happy to see you have read and enjoyed this one. I am a fan myself.

    CeCe @ Steaming Mug of Books

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed this one so much. I couldn't finish it. I thought the writing was not very good and the characters drove me batty. I was too bored to continue. I love best friends who fall for each other too but I didn't care if they were happy or not so it didn't keep me interested enough to finish. The reviews I've read have been mostly good so I'm definitely in the minority on disliking this book so much.

    1. Aww. I've been there before with books so I definitely get it! If you're not invested in the characters, it makes it so difficult to enjoy and continue! I've been in the minority myself on quite a few books that people didn't like, but I ended up really enjoying! So I definitely get it. :D


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