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Music Monday #76

By 1:00 AM

Music Monday is a weekly feature I do to show off music must- haves!
I actually featured Passion Pit's last album on the blog back in 2013, so I am excited to share their newest one today! I never expected to be a fan of these guys because they have an electronica feel to them, but I actually really loved it mixed in. I am totally digging this latest release and the first song on the album is my new jam! It's one of those awesome songs you put on in the car, windows down, sun shining...
Anyway- have a listen below! (I didn't include the actual music video because there's a warning of photo sensitive epilepsy and seizures. I actually had to turn it off myself it was too intense. LOL.)

Artist: Passion Pit
Album: Kindred
Release Date: Apr. 21, 2015
Favorite Tracks: Lifted Up (1985), Where the Sky Hangs, All I Want, Looks Like Rain, My Brother Taught Me How to Swim

Track Listing:

1. Lifted Up (1985)
2. Whole Life Story
3. Where the Sky Hangs
4. All I Want
5. Five Foot Ten (I)
6. Dancing on the Grave
7. Until We Can't (Let's Go)
8. Looks Like Rain
9. My Brother Taught Me How to Swim
10. Ten Feet Tall (II)


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