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Music Monday #90

By 1:00 AM

Music Monday is a weekly feature I do to show off music must- haves!
I've been pretty exhausted by main stream pop radio lately, so I've been listening to a bit more country than usual. I was in the car with my mom and this song came on and I really liked it, but didn't know who it was. She thought it was this Maddie & Tae, so eventually I pulled them up on Spotify and I really like them! I am absolutely obsessed with 'Smoke'. It's easily one of my favorites on the album!

Artist: Maddie & Tae
Album: Start Here
Released: August 28, 2015
Favorite Tracks: Waitin' On A Plane, Smoke, Fly, Right Here, Right Now, After the Storm Blows Through

Track Listing:

1. Waitin' On A Plane
2. Girl In A Country Song
3. Smoke
4. Shut Up and Fish
5. Fly
6. Sierra
7. Your Side of Town
8. Right Here, Right Now
9. No Place Like You
10. After The Storm Blows Through
11. Downside of Growing Up

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  1. I'm listening to Smoke as we speak! Love it! Have added their album to my queue so will give it a listen on my walk to work tomorrow! :)

  2. Looking for something new to listen to so I've just started playing this now on spotify! It will help me chill out while I do some blog stuff this morning! It's good so far, it's a bit Dixie Chickish, which I like!


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