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Review Policy

Lovin' Los Libros is a book blog that strives to write honest, realistic reviews, based solely on my opinion alone. I began this blog with the intent of sharing the books I am reading with others, as well as for my own personal enjoyment. I read so many books a year that I tend to forget the finer points of the novels, and this way I can keep track of my favorite novels.

*As of 3/13/16, I am unable to accept any new review requests (UNLESS you are an author I have worked with before) due to time constraints and sheer volume of books to be read. Please check back at a later date to see if this has lifted.**

Authors/Publishers:  I would love to promote your novels. Although I primarily review Young Adult and New Adult novels, I do dabble in adult books (paranormal, fantasy, contemporary) as well. While I cannot guarantee I will like your book, I can promise to provide an honest review filled with constructive criticism. I always try to find something positive about each book that I read.
Please read the following guidelines carefully. 

  • My favorite genres are the following with elements of romance: contemporary, fantasy, sci-fi, dystopia, paranormal (mainly speculative fiction). I will occasionally read historical fiction, but it is not often. These are the main genres I will review.

  • I do NOT review non-fiction, poetry, or religious fiction. Any requests in these genres will be deleted.

  • I do accept ARC's and finalized copies of books to read, as well as e-books (in the format of epub or pdf)

  • As for requests, I will only contact those I agree to review. I apologize in advance, but it has become time consuming answering each individual email.

  • Please make sure to look through what I review and that my blog would be a good fit for your genre.

  • Upon receiving a book to review, my goal is to read and post my review within 2 weeks of receipt. Please bear in mind that I am a full-time educator, so I will try not to to stray too far from this.

  • As for ARC's, I prefer to post them 1-2 weeks before release, unless otherwise requested.

  • I currently publish my reviews on this blog, as well as on Goodreads.com, Amazon.com, and Barnes and Noble.com I also publicize my reviews via Twitter, RSS Feed, and email subscriptions.

When you request a review, please provide:

    1) If your book is YA, NA, or Adult.
    2) A description of your book.
    3) The publisher's name, if you are Indie, or Self-Pub.
    4) A link to Goodreads or your website.

Please note that providing an ARC or self-published novel does not guarantee a positive review as per FTC regulations and the fact that all reviews will be honest and based upon each reviewers opinion.

If you wish to contact me regarding reviews, giveaways, interviews, etc.you can reach me at jesslm22@yahoo.com

Thank you for stopping by my blog!

Happy reading!

This blog posts pictures that are considered public images for entertainment purposes only and does not take credit for being the owner of any images unless stated. If any images are copyrighted, it is unbeknownst to this blog, but will be taken down immediately if proven otherwise.

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