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Music Monday #10

By 7:35 AM

Music Monday is a weekly feature I do to show off music must- haves!
This week I am featuring The Civil Wars. I am so in love with them and I was heartbroken when I heard they were breaking up. I haven't heard anything further, just that they were having differences that couldn't be worked out. :( Sad face. I saw them at Bonnaroo this past summer and WOW, they are amazing live. Barton Hollow is their first CD and it is definitely worth getting. Joy has a gorgeous voice and John's is great too. Together, they have a haunting, beautiful sound. They are officially classified as folk-country, but you have to give them a listen to see if it's something you'll like for yourself. As always, I starred my favorites!
Artist: The Civil Wars
Released: Feb. 1, 2011
Track Listing:
1. 20 Years *
2. I've Got This Friend *
3. C'est La Mort
4. To Whom It May Concern
5. Poison and Wine *
6. My Father's Father
7. Barton Hollow *
8. The Violet Hour
9. Girl with the Red Balloon
10. Falling *
11. Forget Me Not
12. Birds of a Feather

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  1. Great pick this week! I love the Civil Wars - in fact I think you've inspired me to listen to them right now : )

    1. Thanks CeCe! They are one of my favorite groups! Such amazing lyrics!


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