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Music Monday #22

By 1:00 AM

Music Monday is a weekly feature I do to show off music must- haves!

This week I am featuring Ellie Goulding! If you listen to pop radio, you've probably heard her 'Lights', 'Anything Could Happen', and most recently her duet with Calvin Harris 'I Need Your Love'. I've always like Ellie's unique voice, but after finally catching up on my Nikita episodes this weekend, I became obsessed with the song 'Hanging On'. So, today I am featuring the album from which that song appears, Halcyon

Artist: Ellie Goulding
Album: Halcyon
Released: Oct. 9, 2012

Track Listing:

1. Don't Say a Word
2. My Blood*
3. Anything Could Happen*
4. Only You
5. Halcyon
6. Figure 8*
7. Joy
8. Hanging On*
9. Explosions*
10. I Know You Care*
11. Atlantis*
12. Dead in the Water

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  1. Love Ellie Goulding! I totally agree with you, she has such a unique voice. Hanging on is an awesome song. :-) Happy Monday!!

    1. Yay! I love that we like the same music! Makes my day!!!

  2. Love me some Ellie! Awesome pick!

  3. Ok, so I officially hate my phone...it won't let me comment! But I was goooiiinnnnggg to tell you how much I heart Ellie Goulding. My current favorite on this album is Figure 8! Great pick!

    1. I just really got listening to her CD and I'm hooked! I also love Figure 8!


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