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Music Monday #23

By 10:23 AM

Music Monday is a weekly feature I do to show off music must- haves!

This week I'm featuring OneRepublic! My #GwB girls will be happy with this choice. :D I've loved OneRepublic for quite some time now. I was first introduced to the song "Apologize", which I'm sure a lot of you remember since it was on the radio and I think it was their first single. Anyways, ever since then  I've been hooked on their music!

Artist: OneRepublic
Album: Native
Released: March 26, 2013

Track Listing:

1. Counting Stars *
2. If I Lose Myself *
3. Feel Again
4. What You Wanted
5. I Lived
6. Light it Up
7. Can't Stop*
8. Au Revoir
9. Burning Bridges*
10. Something I Need
11. Preacher*
12. Don't Look Down
13. Something's Gotta Give
14. Life in Color *
15. If I Lose Myself (acoustic)
16. What You Wanted (acoustic)
17. Burning Bridges (acoustic)

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  1. Yay!! I love this entire album!

  2. One republic!! Okay, so I freaking LOVE their song apologize and pretty much flailed when I saw you mention it. I used to blast it at least once a day and sing along. =)

    1. Hahah! I love that song too! I think my favorite by them is Secret though. :D


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