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Divergent/Insurgent #CatchUpClub Wrap-Up post!

By 9:33 PM

And that's a wrap for Round 3 of the #CatchUpClub!
As you all know we started this to catch up on the books everyone else has read, but just hadn't found the time to read! We had Kit from Bibliokit read review Divergent, while Yasmine from The Yasmine Public Library and Lisa from Lisa Likes Books both read Insurgent!
The consensus:
All three readers seemed to enjoy their books!
Kit at Bibliokit gave Divergent an 8/10.
Yasmine from The Yasmine Public Library gave Insurgent 3 stars.
Lisa from Lisa Likes Books gave Insurgent 4 stars.
As for me, Divergent was without a doubt a 5 star read for me. I loved it even more than The Hunger Games! (gasp! Pick your jaws up off the ground now.)
Insurgent was a 4 star read for me. I was definitely with Yasmine on being frustrated with Tris and Tobias's relationship and their secrets.
So, what were our thoughts?
Kit says, "To be fair, Four might be the hottest boy in YA this year (or whatever year I should have been reading Divergent) Part of the 'holy crap' at the beginning of this review was totally for him. He and Tris dance around each other for most of the book, but Roth did a great job of developing their relationship and particularly, Tris's confused, brainmelty feelings."
Yasmine says, "Another thing I liked about this book was Tobias and Tris's relationship was not perfect and each had their own issues that greatly affected their opinions and and interactions with other characters, making everything seem much more realistic and interesting."
Lisa says, "Insurgent was everything I was expecting and more. Thrills and everything aside, just the story is excellent. While sometimes I sort of felt like the plot was moving without going anywhere (boo!) the whole thing developed and gave the reader the first real look at what’s up. Shit got real… and I CAN’T WAIT for Allegiant to come out."
Definitely check out the rest of their reviews and leave them some comment love!

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  1. I am not a dystopia girl but holy freaking hell, the guy that plays Four in the movie makes me want to read these books!

    1. YES! Isn't he freaking HOT? OMG. LOL! I am seeing the movie for him! I don't care if it's good. I just want to watch him and his sexy arm muscles. LOL!


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