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ARC Review: A Little Too Much by Lisa Desrochers

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A Little Too Much (A Little Too Far #2)
   by: Lisa Desrochers

Publication Date: Nov. 12, 2013
Publisher: William Morrow Impulse
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Source: e-ARC received from Edelweiss and the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Page Count: 416 pages
Order Links: Amazon | B&N
My Rating: 4.5/5 stars

In the follow-up to Lisa Desrochers’ explosive New Adult novel A Little too Far, Alessandro Moretti must face the life he escaped and the girl he loved and left behind.

Twenty-two year old Hilary McIntyre would like nothing more than to forget her past. As a teenager abandoned to the system, she faced some pretty dark times. But now that’s all behind her. Hilary has her life on track, and there’s no way she’ll head back down that road again.

Until Alessandro Moretti—the one person who can make her remember—shows up on her doorstep. He’s even more devastatingly gorgeous than before, and he’s much too close for comfort. Worse, he sees right through the walls she’s built over these last eight years, right into her heart and the secrets she’s guarding.

As Hilary finds herself falling back into love with the man who, as a boy both saved and destroyed her, she must decide. Past or future? Truth or lies?

I absolutely adored the first book in the series A Little Too Far, so when I saw A Little Too Much pop up for review, naturally I HAD to have it! I'm so glad I got the chance to read this because I found it to be right up my alley.
Firstly, I want to say how much I love that Desrochers incorporates travel and exploration into her books (first we had Rome and now NYC!) Second, after the sort of love triangle in A Little Too Far, we all needed our boy Alessandro to get a HEA. But, wow. Who knew just how much he was struggling with? A Little Too Much introduces us to two characters whose pasts are still controlling their presents. This book is much darker than the first and we have two very emotionally battered characters who are trying to make their way in life.
With that being said, while I enjoyed this one, I still loved ALTF a bit more. I really liked Lexie as a protagonist. Hilary on the other hand? I found her to be a bit more difficult to like. And I really thought Alessandro was too good for her. However, Hilary has been through ALOT in her life. She has been through things no young person should ever have to, her family situation was NOT ideal, and she basically did what she could to survive. Having been placed into a group home at the age of 14, while waiting for her sister to be able to obtain custody of her, Hilary was forced to grow up faster than she should have. It is here that she meets Alessandro and his brother Lorenzo. Hilary has history with both of them, but Alessandro was clearly the shining light in the dark for her. He was tender and sweet and really cared for her, unlike his brother who used her to his own advantage. After Alessandro and Lorenzo both were sent back to live with their grandparents in Corsica, Hilary's world is turned upside down. The one good thing in her life was leaving her and she was absolutely shattered over it.
Now, Hilary is a struggling actress trying to find a role on Broadway. She has a boyfriend, Brett, who is also in the business and is working to help her secure a role also. However, Brett and Hilary's relationship is purely physical and I hated that she didn't drop him faster than she did. She knew she would never have anything more with Brett, but Hilary also doesn't think she is capable of loving or being loved in return. She has spent so many years shutting off her emotions, that she doesn't remember how to truly feel anymore. When Alessandro shows up on her door step, Hilary is catapulted back into the past. Alessandro's return forces her to reexamine her life: what she's doing with it, what she wants out of it, and if she can lay old demons to rest. Alessandro wants much the same thing. He is at a crossroads in his life. He is working to get over Lexie, as well as his failed attempt at priesthood. The weight of the past still weighs heavily on his shoulders and so he comes to NYC to try and make amends for what happened, beginning with Hilary.
I loved Hilary and Alessandro's developing relationship. Their past is a fragile thread that holds them together, and while Hilary doesn't want to talk about it, she finds neither one will be able to find peace without doing so. They end up spending time together every Thursday- it is their mission to discover new places in NYC neither one has been. I loved this added element to the story. We got to see Hilary and Alessandro experiencing new things together, which really gives us hope for their future. They don't disregard the past, but they slowly but surely work through their demons together.
Hilary is keeping a pretty big secret from Alessandro and I was able to guess what it was pretty early on. While I don't agree with all of her decisions, I understand her hesitancy in not telling him. However, she was the one who should have owned up to it, and not let him find out the way he did. She was so afraid that this would tear apart their burgeoning relationship, yet she should have trusted in him, especially knowing the type of person he is. Alessandro is forgiving, sweet, and incredibly kind. He is patient and wants to work with troubled youth- he wants to be able to make a difference in kids lives and hopefully help them stay out of the trouble he and his brother found themselves in.
Hilary's family plays a pretty big role in this book also. Her sister is married with two kids, Henri and Max, and I liked watching Hilary interact with them. While she may not be the most dependable, she's still their 'Auntie' and I loved how easily she was able to adapt and be with these kids, despite her claims of not wanting a family of her own.
I love that Hilary and Alessandro weren't able to stay away from each other. He told her many times that he would leave her alone if that's what she wanted, and she knows she shouldn't spend time with him and vice versa. Both know they won't be able to leave each other with their hearts left intact. Hilary has spent so much of her life shutting people out, that she has forgotten what it's like to feel every emotion. Alessandro makes her feel way too much and she tries to let him go multiple times, but can't. I will say this: there is NO insta-love here. Desrochers does a brilliant job of developing these two characters. She begins by developing their friendship and then takes their relationship to the next level. And oh how hot that next level is! These two have serious chemistry and she does a great job of building it up to a point where I felt like I was going to burst if they didn't give in to the sexual tension!
If you enjoyed A Little Too Far, I think you'll be happy with where Desrochers takes Alessandro and Hilary's relationship. It is much darker and more angsty than the first, but I liked seeing two emotionally damaged individuals fight the pain of their past and emerge on the other side of that pain, stronger than ever.

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  1. I'm so glad you loved this! I did too, and I think I liked it better than the first. Mostly because of Alessandro ;)
    I totally agree with you about Hilary and Brett, she shouldn't have let it go on that long. But I really loved Hilary and Alessandro together. And I'm so excited for the next book!
    Great review, Jessica :)

    1. Thanks Richa! I did love Alessandro! I was heartbroken for him in the first book even though Lexie made the right choice in my mind. I also can't wait for the next one!

  2. I keep hearing that A Little Too Far was much better, but I am still really excited for Alessandro's story. Although, Hillary sounds like she is going to be tough for me. I do really love that it takes place in NYC though. Great review!

    1. It's still a great story- and Hilary is a tough one to like, but she's been through ALOT, so I kinda get it and can empathize with her. But, Alessandro? DREAMBOAT! LOL.

  3. I really like how Desrochers incorporates exploration into her books, as well. I didn't love Hilary, but I liked hers and Alessandro's story. great review!

    1. I did enjoy their story, despite my issues with her. I am looking forward to the next book now! :)

  4. I am so mad at myself! Why haven't I started this series!! It just sounds soooo good!! And your review makes me want to get to it now!!

    Great review! I have to get to this series now! :D

    1. :D I think you'll really enjoy these ones Magen! Definitely pick them up soon!

  5. fkdjaf;lkja;l My original comment is GONE.

    So what I SAID WAS; I was initially going to skim your review but since this book pretty much spoils book one ( and since I was Danielle's brown paper bag while she read it) I know how it ends. Anyway, my point is, I read it.

    I can usually gauge how much I will like/dislike a character based on YOUR thoughts and honestly, this Hilary sounds like someone that would irritate me. I am still undecided if I will read these ones (which sucks because I was SO EXCITED to read them at first) but I am SO glad you enjoy them! And YAY for no insta love. Great review hon!

    PS- Why do I always type the most random and rant-ish comments for you?! Hmm??

    1. I definitely know for a fact Hilary would annoy you. LOL. She annoyed ME. But I was able to get past my hangups with her and really empathize with everything she went through as a kid. While I liked this one I still liked the first better, though Dani did send me a few DM's about it. LOL.

      I enjoy your random ranty comments. Keep them coming. :)

  6. Great review! I really need to read the first book. I have it and I want to SO bad. I need more hours in the day. I'm glad you liked this but it sounds like ALTM is a little better. I'm excited about the fact there are different settings. I LOVE when an author does that.

    1. Thanks girl! I loved the first one. But yes, the first was definitely more enjoyable for me. I also love the different settings. And I loved NYC!


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