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Release Day Book Bliz: Along Came Trouble by Erin Kern {Review, Excerpt,+Giveaway!}

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Along Came Trouble (Trouble #3)
   by: Erin Kern

Publication Date: Nov. 19, 2013
Publisher: Forever
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Source: e-ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Page Count: 432 pages
Order Links: Amazon | B&N | Bookish | IndieBound
My Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Elisa Cardoso longs for passion in her life. Though she'd much rather spend her days photographing the stunning Wyoming landscape, food photography is a lucrative, if uninspiring, way to pay her bills. But when her next assignment brings her face to face with sexy restaurant owner Brody McDermott, Elisa can't deny the delicious effect he has on her.

From the minute Brody sees Elisa, he's dying to unleash her inner bad girl. He knows there's more to the sophisticated photographer than meets the eye. Now getting the sexy shutterbug into his bed is on his menu, but when she starts making her way into his heart-big problem. Love has been tricky for Brody, and he's not too eager to try his luck again. But when a golden opportunity means Elisa may be leaving Trouble for good, can Brody find the courage to grab on to love . . . before it slips away?

My Review:
I don't read many Adult romances these days, but the few that I do I have been fortunate enough to enjoy. Recently, I have read books by Candis Terry and Rachel Gibson and I really enjoyed them! When I read the blurb on NetGalley for Along Came Trouble, I knew I needed to check this out.
I'm really glad I did. Along Came Trouble was a fun, cute romance. While it is the third in the Trouble series, I didn't have too much trouble getting acquainted with characters from Kern's other two novels. This book focuses on Brody McDermott, a restaurant owner who is having some trouble with the quality of his restaurant. After receiving a few negative reviews, Brody knows he needs to do something drastic or not only is the fate of his restaurant at stake, but he could find himself without a job if he doesn't turn things around. Brody meets Elisa Cardoso, the stunning woman in charge of taking photos for a photo spread of his restaurant, and the two immediately find themselves attracted to one another.
Elisa and Brody's relationship has its ups and downs throughout the novel. Both find there is definitely more to them than just attraction, yet they both have a difficult time expressing their feelings to each other. Elisa has learned to guard her heart after an ex-boyfriend hurt her deeply, and Brody is haunted by the demons of his past, not believing he is capable of giving or receiving love. Both find themselves falling for each other very quickly, yet Elisa doesn't want this thing with Brody to be a casual thing. Brody understands this and doesn't want that either, but can't define what they are doing.
I liked Brody for the most part- but the way he would close himself off from Elisa over and over began to be a bit much. One minute he would be distant, trying to hold himself back, and the next he would be eyeing her like he wanted to ravish her right there and then. This was what made their relationship a bit harder to buy into.
Brody's life didn't quite turn out as he had pictured it. He began dating his ex-wife Kelly in college, and after she became pregnant, life sort of took its usual course- get married, have the baby, get a job, etc. While Brody cared for Kelly, he wasn't in love with her like she was with him and this of course caused problems. While Brody loves his son Tyler and doesn't regret him for one second, he threw himself into work and Kelly found herself married to someone who just wasn't around. Soon, their problems became heavier and they decided upon divorce. Brody has never forgiven himself for how he treated Kelly and you can tell that still weighs heavily on him, even though she is now re-married. He is afraid of putting himself out there for Elisa- she has a job opportunity of a lifetime, and he knows that whatever they are together is temporary. Again, Brody frustrated me with his back and forth with her. His inner monologue states that he is in love with Elisa, but can't bring himself to tell her. She knows he's in love with her, and it hurts her deeply that he can't find the words to tell her.
I enjoyed reading about Brody's interactions with his family, but it is the moments with his son Tyler that I enjoyed the most. Tyler feels betrayed by his dad for moving out and leaving. He's only 11 and doesn't really understand what went wrong. He remembers his dad making breakfast for his mom, or taking him out to play catch and now he doesn't get that anymore. Brody mistakes Tyler's nonchalance towards him to mean he doesn't care to spend time with him, but it is the opposite. Tyler craves for time with his dad, but doesn't want to get his hopes up either, because he's used to his dad working late and not doing those things with him. Elisa is also good for Tyler. While his mother is away helping take care of her own mother, Tyler goes to Elisa's house after school (as she lives down the street from Kelly) and stays with her until Brody comes to pick him up. Elisa serves as a mother figure for Tyler while his own is gone and I liked how close those two became also.
Elisa is in a difficult position. She has fallen for Brody, yet taking pictures of food is not her passion. She wants to be a landscape photographer and after a former professor calls her to go out on a shoot in Mongolia, Elisa doesn't want to let this opportunity pass her by. She is conflicted by her feelings for Brody and pursuing her dreams. I felt for Elisa. She doesn't want to choose between Brody and Mongolia, but, she doesn't know where she stands with him most of the time. She can't let an opportunity like Mongolia go by, especially if he won't commit to her.
Watching Brody and Elisa both fight their feelings, as well as their intense sexual attraction for one another made this a steamy, yet sweet read. While I found the plot to be a predictable one and felt Brody and Elisa's relationship to be a bit forced, I still would consider this a good read.
"Why do I always get the feeling you’re holding back around me?”
Her luscious lips parted and her brow furrowed. “What do you mean?”
“I can’t explain it.” His finger trailed along the edge of her jaw. “It’s like a part of you is afraid of me.”
She sucked in a deep breath through her parted lips. “Not afraid, just cautious.”
“Why do you feel the need to be cautious?”
She waited a moment, like she wanted to formulate a logical answer. “You make me feel things I’m not used to. I’m just not sure how to handle them.”
He stepped even closer to her, so that her sweet body heat fl owed around him like a blanket of sexuality. “Like what kind of things?”
The pulse beating beneath her neck sped up when his finger trailed down the column of her throat. “I don’t know. But my mind doesn’t know how to make sense of them.”
His mouth quirked in a small smile. “There’s your problem. You should stop thinking so much and allow yourself to feel.”
Oh, this woman would be wanton in bed. His finger alone elicited all kinds of reactions from her that had his body coming to life. Her pink tongue kept darting out and swiping across her lower lip, leaving it deliciously wet. After waiting for what felt like a lifetime, he gave in to his craving and leaned down. His mouth lowered to hers with a gentleness that contradicted the raging desire he felt for her. Her lips were soft, full and moist, and even more heavenly than he thought they would be.
She didn’t push him away, as he expected her to. Instead, her hand came up to grip his shoulder and her fingers dug into his muscles. The lady wanted him. She clutched at him with a desperation that had to be genuine. The knowledge had him pulling her even closer and slanting his mouth over hers even harder. His tongue probed the entrance of her hot mouth and she eagerly allowed him to enter.
Holy sweet mother.

About the Author:
Erin was born in Houston, TX. but spent the majority of her life in the Bay Area. She married her high school sweetheart and began her writing career while being a stay-at-home mom to her daughter. Her first book, Looking for Trouble, was on the Amazon top 100 for four months, and on the indiereads.com top ten for four weeks. The second book in the Trouble series, Here Comes Trouble, was also a top seller on Amazon. Erin currently lives in North Texas with her husband and two children.

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  1. Glad you were able to enjoy this despite your difficulty with Brody. He sounds like a character I would get frustrated with easily as well. I hate back and forth characters... at least when I can't buy into it. With that said though, this does sound quick and fun. Great review!

    1. Thanks Teresa! He did drive me crazy and I just found it hard to believe in. Still, I didn't mind reading this, even though I don't know that I'd read it again.

  2. I adore the cover of this one! It sounds like a cute, romance. I must look up the first two and add them to my TBR!

    1. I loved the cover too! That was what drew me in initially! I am so into the cowboy scene right now, I guess. I do hope you enjoy these if you get them!

  3. I really like this cover! I've started reading Adult more and more lately. I love the romance with less angst. I'll keep this one in mind. Nice review!

    1. I get alot of my adult recs from you! I don't typically read adult, but I do like the less angst also!


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