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Review: Gypsy by Trisha Leigh

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Gypsy (The Cavy Files #1)
    by: Trisha Leigh

Publication Date: May 13, 2014
Publisher: Createspace
Genre: Science-Fiction
Age Group: Young Adult
Source: e-ARC provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Page Count: 376 pages
Order Links: Amazon | B&N
My Rating: 4/5 stars

Inconsequential: not important or significant.
Synonyms: insignificant, unimportant, nonessential, irrelevant

In the world of genetic mutation, Gypsy’s talent of knowing a person’s age of death is considered a failure. Her peers, the other Cavies, have powers that range from curdling a blood still in the vein to being able to overhear a conversation taking place three miles away, but when they’re taken from the sanctuary where they grew up and forced into the real world, Gypsy, with her all-but-invisible gift, is the one with the advantage.

The only one who’s safe, if the world finds out what they can do.

When the Cavies are attacked and inoculated with an unidentified virus, that illusion is shattered. Whatever was attached to the virus causes their abilities to change. Grow. In some cases, to escape their control.

Gypsy dreamed of normal high school, normal friends, a normal life, for years. Instead, the Cavies are sucked under a sea of government intrigue, weaponized genetic mutation, and crushing secrets that will reframe everything they’ve ever been told about how their "talents" came to be in the first place.

When they find out one of their own has been appropriated by the government, mistreated and forced to run dangerous missions, their desire for information becomes a pressing need. With only a series of guesses about their origins, the path to the truth becomes quickly littered with friends, enemies, and in the end, the Cavies ability to trust anyone at all.

I really enjoy science fiction reads that have to do with kids and special abilities/powers, etc. After reading and loving Leigh Ann Kopans' One and Two, Leigh Ann actually gave Trisha my name to be a potential reviewer and I'm really glad she did! I thought Gypsy was a really fun read and wow did it get intense!
Pacing: I did find some parts to be a bit slower than others, but Trisha really does do a great job of explaining everything to us. Sometimes science fiction books can be really overwhelming information wise, but I didn't feel that here. We find out early on about what Gypsy can do, as well as some of her fellow Cavies she lives with. The mystery behind how they came to be genetically different is really prevalent and I cannot wait to find out more!
Storyline: Gypsy is a girl who has the ability to touch another human and see the age at which they will die. Talk about creepy! And really morbid. She's labeled as inconsequential, because her ability isn't a destructive one, or really one that holds much use. However, when the estate where the Cavies live is raided, Gypsy finally has a chance to be normal- something she's always wanted to be. Because her power is what it is and she doesn't feel particularly useful, she's excited at the prospect of a normal life and going to school. However, as nice as it is to finally have a home of her own and a new start, Gypsy cannot just escape from her life as a Cavy. There are forces at work out there she doesn't even realize exist- forces that could threaten Gypsy and her fellow Cavies....
Characters: I really liked Gypsy. She is sweet and while her power may be considered inconsequential at first, it will change into something much more potent and potentially life changing. Gypsy also really takes charge and is seen as a leader by the other Cavies. She is protective and loyal and she has to make choices based on the good of everyone, even when others may disagree.
Jude is another favorite character of mine. He is a boy Gypsy meets on the first day of school and accidentally touches, thus finding out his age of death. He is friendly and while Gypsy knows she should steer clear of him, he's pretty persistent. He really likes Gypsy, but she keeps him at arm's length. I can't say much more about him without spoilers, but I do love this boy and I am on his team for sure. :)
Gypsy is extremely loyal to her fellow Cavies and it's really cool that they have their own way of communication with one another. Not only does it keep them connected as to what's going on, but they also need one another. They have grown up like brothers and sisters, so to tear them away from each other would have been awful.
Gypsy does make new friendships and I enjoyed seeing those- especially with Mayra and Jude. They make her feel welcome in a new school and also gave her a chance to see what it was like to just be normal. Gypsy's father is also a great character and I am so glad he embraced her and took her in without hesitation. He doesn't know about her being genetically different, but he is really looking forward to the chance at being a father.
Final Thoughts: I felt like this was a good start to the series and I'm really looking forward to seeing where Leigh takes it next. Gypsy has quite a bit thrown at her in terms of boys, friends, the other Cavies, as well as all the other unknown factors. Things are not black and white and they will have to decide who can be trusted and who just wants to exploit them and use them for their own gain.

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  1. It's good to know that the scientific aspect wasn't overwhelming. I don't read much SciFi at all, but this does look good. Thanks for sharing!


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