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The Valentine's Day Book Tag

By 10:51 AM

Thank you to Kim for tagging me to do this! And to CC's Books for creating this!
Standalone Book You Love:

I really love this book. It's a hate to love story and Julian and Cami are awesome together!
Dystopian Book You Love:
I really enjoyed this series by Keary Taylor!
A Book That You Love But No One Else Talks About:
I love this duology by Leah Ann Kopans! It's SO good! And Elias is just amazing.
Favorite Book Couple:
ONLY ONE? Jesus. Did we not see my million OTPs the other day? I'll go with Kaylee and Tod. I love those crazy kids together so much. It's pretty rare that I jump ships mid series but holy crap Vincent did made me do it.
Book That Other People Love But You Haven't Gotten Around to Reading:
HAH. And I won't be reading it either. So don't even bother trying to convince me.
A Book With Red on the Cover:
Oh my little Mal feels.... I just loved this book. It was everything I could have wanted for this series ender.
A Book With Pink on the Cover:
Oh this book. It completely refueled my love for HR and I ADORE the Bridgertons!
You Were Given a Box of Chocolate. What Fictional Boyfriend Would Have Given Them To You?

Wilder! His sexy, grumpy self would have given me chocolate AND books.
You are single on Valentine's Day. What book would you read? What tv show would you watch? What movie would you watch?

Well I am single, so this is the book I will be reading today!

I don't think I'll watch any TV today, but Farscape is always a favorite and John and Aeryn together is just fabulous.

I actually considered watching this one today. Scott Eastwood is always good eye candy, even though I've heard this isn't the greatest movie.
You are in the book store. All of a sudden you get shot with an arrow by Cupid. What new release will you LOVE?
This comes out tomorrow and I know I will love it!
Happy Valentine's Day loves! xoxo

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  1. That's a fun tag! Most of those books are unknown to me except the Bardugo and Maas books, but I do love the Bridgerton series (even if the first one isn't my favorite.) And I enjoyed Best Worst Mistake.

    1. Thanks Lark! I always have fun with these tags! The first Bridgerton book isn't my favorite either because Daphne made me really mad with what she pulled, but I did enjoy it.

  2. YES re: Persuasion! And I haven't read (and don't want to read) Queen of Shadows, either!

    Going to check out Stir Me Up and Two now!!

    1. Ah! I am so sad I didn't end up reading Persuasion. Someday! I just couldn't seem to get into the groove at the time. And yay for another QoS boycotter! LOL. Stir Me Up is a favorite, and Two is the sequel to One, which I also loved!

  3. Love this tag so much!! I really need to read that Lia Riley series. I even have the first book!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

    1. Me too! It was fun! And yes! I love Lia's Brightwater series! They are so good!

  4. I LOVED Stir Me Up! I neeeeeeed Sabrina to write another book. There was another one on her Goodreads page for the longest time, but it's gone now. It sounded so good. I just found it on a WOW post on another blog. I want this book!

    The Bridgertons! <3 I need to read more of them. Wilder! He's still my favorite of Lia's guys. You're Still the One was super cute. I really enjoyed it!

    1. I remember! It was going to be the best friend's story! And now I don't see it either! I wish Sabrina would still write it! I am STILL waiting on the 3rd Bridgerton book from Overdrive to continue the series. I'm starting to get antsy. LOL.

  5. This is s fun tag! Yay for Bridgerton love! I really need to re-read some. I want to re-read The Viscount Who Loved Me. I never really liked Stir Me Up much, but I know so many people who did. And seriously, Wilder! Yummy!

    1. I'd like to reread that one too already! I just adore Anthony and Kate! Wilder is my favorite of ALL Lia's guys. He is just so amazing.


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