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The Hamilton Book Tag

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When I first discovered there was a Hamilton Book Tag from Sarah, I knew I HAD to make time to do it! Today is finally that day! Originally created by Maureen, and some extras from Angie and Meg, I'm going to give this my best shot!
The Room Where it Happens
I wanna be in the room where it happens
(Book World You Would Put Yourself In)
So I know things are pretty crazy right now aboard the ships, but... I LOVE space. I have always been obsessed with Star Wars, Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, Firefly, etc. I want to live in a world where space travel is real and there are different planets, galaxies, etc.
The Schuyler Sisters
You want a revolution? I want a revelation, so listen to my declaration...
(An underrated female character)

I feel like so many people default to Katsa from Graceling, but I absolutely LOVE Fire. She is fierce and strong in her own right and makes the hard decisions. She is definitely one that needs more recognition!
My Shot
I'm just like my country, I'm young, scrappy, and hungry and I'm not throwing away my shot!
(A character that goes after what they want and doesn't let anything stop them)

Oh gosh. Yep. Leah will do whatever it takes to get what she wants and good Lord, this is NOT a compliment! But she was who I thought of because the girl is RELENTLESS.
The world has no right to my heart, the world has no place in our bed, they don't get to know what I said
(The most heartbreaking end to a relationship you've ever read)

 It wasn't even that big of a deal, Celaena. Get over your stupid self.

The Reynolds Pamphlet
Have you read this...?
(A book with a twist you didn't see coming)


You'll Be Back
You'll be back, soon you'll see, you'll remember you belong to me...
(Sassiest Villain)

Ugh. Just when I thought Celina was taken care of, she comes back with that ending! BITCH.
How to account for his rise to the top? Man, the man is non-stop!
(A series you marathoned)

 Oh my gosh I LOVED this series. I got all three of them library and I'm so glad I did!
He was right, you will never be satisfied...
(Favorite book with multiple POVs)

I don't usually like multi-povs because I get confused so easily, but I actually really liked this one!
Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

But when you're gone, who remembers your name, who keeps your flame?
(A book/series you feel will be remembered throughout history)
I just don't think there's even another option here. Harry Potter will never be forgotten. Ever.
Look into your eyes and the sky's the limit, I'm helpless...
(A relationship you were pulling for from the very start)

Sam and Ana. OMG. So many feels. So many swoons. That masquerade scene. *dies*
Ten Duel Commandments
Time to get some pistols and the doctor on site
(Favorite fight scene)

Cat and Bones fighting one another! SO HOT!
Say No To This
Lord, show me how to say no to this, I don't know how to say no to this...
(Guilty Pleasure Read)

I love this series. I realize all the feminists are probably scoffing at me, but that's ok. It's fiction and while I'd never condone these characters' behavior, I still love reading it.
What Comes Next
You're on your own, awesome! Wow! Do you have a clue what happens now?
(A series you wish had more books)
Ok, nevermind the fact that I haven't read Bitterblue yet. I want more from this world. I love it.
Right Hand Man

Here comes the General and his right hand man...
(Favorite BROTP)
Garrett, Logan, Dean, and Tucker are FANTASTIC together. I love them. They are freaking hilarious!
What'd I Miss
 I've been in Paris meeting lots of different ladies... I guess I basically missed the late eighties...
(A book or series you were late to reading)

 Man. I really loved this series too! I can't believe I put it off until THIS YEAR!
Wait For It
I'm not falling behind or running late... I'm not standing still, I am lying in wait...
(A book that was worth waiting for)

And wait I did. Not so patiently. I FINALLY got approved on EW and my life was made.
I tag anyone who wants to do this! You don't have to be a Hamilton fan to do this book tag, but if you're not on this train- it's time to climb on!

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  1. This sounds like such a fun tag! I honestly don't know what Hamilton is? (don't hate me) but I still may do this one :D

    1. Aw Christy! I won't hate you. But Hamilton is the hottest musical on Broadway right now! And I am absolutely obsessed! LOL. You should do this one! I love the categories! :)

  2. This is awesome! I SOOOO want to do the Hamilton tag. I love the soundtrack!

    Oh, and heck yeah Harry Potter!

    1. Yes! Do it Quinn! I had such a blast doing it! And I still have not gotten tired of listening to it 24/7.

  3. I'm listening to Hamilton right now... because there is not a day that goes by where I do not listen to Hamilton lol.
    But I love your picks. Also I totes wanna stand up and clap about Bared To You. I haven't read it, but I've read similar stuff where people hate the relationship. But it's fiction! I am perfectly capable of separating fiction from reality in my head. Even if this relationship is one I would never condone in real life, that doesn't mean I can't read and enjoy the FICTIONAL STORY. Okay sorry, I get riled up over this lol

    Also YAY Fire! I loved her! She does deserve more credit.

    1. Same! I listen to it everyday! Even if it's just 5 minutes to work in the car. LOL.

      And yes! I get so mad when people get all judgey about 50 Shades or those kinds of books. I'm like, it's fine not to like them, but back off others who do. Just because they read and enjoy doesn't mean they would actually support those relationships. UGH.

  4. I seriously LOL'd -- Leah is the PERFECT pick! And YES -- ♥ ♥ ♥ Chicagoland Vampires!!!

    1. Haha, right? Leah was the only one who crossed my mind! I HAD to put her. I really need to continue the Chicagoland series! I stopped after Hard Bitten. (I was listening on audio and of course my overdrive didn't have any more.)

  5. I did this tag a while ago and it was so much fun! I'm glad to find another Hamilton fan... I'm LITERALLY obsessed. I'd be kind of worried to go into the world of Illuminae because I don't know how well I'd do with zombie-like creatures with viruses and spaceship fights. I DID love that book though. I'm a little worried about your response for Crown of Midnight! I'm guessing it was for Chaol? I was honestly never the biggest fan of him, haha. I'm team Dorian!
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

    1. YAY Krystianna! I didn't know you were a Ham fan too! Wooo! Yeah, as for Illuminae those parts I'm not thrilled about. But I would never be bored! LOL. I do love Dorian. He was great. I do love Chaol and I felt he got screwed over, especially later in the series.

  6. I'm kind of scared now. I read Throne of Glass, but Crown of Midnight not yet, but I have a faint suspicion what relationship you're talking about it and if so... I'll probably cry.

    Also, Fire is totally underrated. She's awesome.

    Majanka @ I Heart Reading

  7. What a fun tag!!! I have the Hamilton soundtrack and really need to start listening to it. I also look at your answers and am reminded I need to pick up Dirty Red and the The Deal ASAP!

  8. Number 1, I love this. Number 2, I'm doing this. Number 3, THE OFF CAMPUS SERIES GIVES ME SO MUCH LIFE!


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