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W...W...W...Wednesday #17

By 12:00 AM

W...W...W.. Wednesday is currently hosted by Taking on a World of Words and has been slightly modified by myself to also include a book I'm waiting to read, whether it be a new release or just a book I've been waiting to get to.

Feel free to link up your Wednesday posts below!

What are you currently reading?
So I couldn't resist snagging an early copy to borrow and read! I am loving it!!!!
What did you recently finish reading?
This wasn't my favorite of Katie's Vicious Cycle series, but I did still love Bishop and getting to see the gang again!
What are you waiting to read? 
This baby hit my Kindle just the other day and I can't even WAIT to start it! It's next on my list!
What about you guys? What are you reading? What are you excited for?

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  1. I finally read ACOFAM and finished it just this Monday and I'm happy to report that despite my initial doubts, I loved it! I'm now reading NIL on Fire & Forged! Working on finishing series right now!

  2. I'm so happy you're liking Letters to the Lost! I'm going to need some details about that one.
    And OMGGGGGG JESS. I NEED you to read Broken Prince as soon as you possibly can, because I need therapy after that ending! Haha! :D
    Happy Wednesday! :)

  3. That cover for Letters to the Lost is perfect and it sounds so freaking good. Cannot wait to see your thoughts on it!

  4. I agree with Teresa, love that cover! And it does look like it would be really good! Happy reading :)

  5. Letters to the Lost sounds so gooood! :)

  6. Ohhhhhhh, the Katie Ashley book. :D :D :D :D :D Mostly I like the cover. ;) I'm glad you like the series overall!

    Woah! I can't wait to see what you think of Brigid's latest! How is it? *bites nails*

    Have a great week, Jess!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  7. You need to read Broken Prince. Like, now. And you need to message me with your freakouts as you go. I NEED SOMEONE TO TALK TO ABOUT THIS BOOK. ;)

  8. I learned about Letters to the Lost recently, it sounds really good! I like that Broken Prince cover a lot! I'm almost done with Of Fire and Stars, and I'm excited to read The Girl at Midnight soon :)


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