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Someone's Been Book Shopping!

By 12:04 AM

Yes, Rory. I see the books. And I bought them too.
I was a sad panda when I didn't get any Amazon settlement $$.
I got $38 in credit!
I waited a few weeks before binge-buying, but here are my newest ebooks!

SO excited for so many of these bad boys!
OH! And I finally spent some of my Amazon GC from Christmas too! LOL. (In July!)

Nick has been peer pressuring me to read Kleypas's the Ravenels series, so I went ahead and got Winterbourne, since I already had the first, Cold Hearted Rake. I'm still waiting to read Daisy's A Scandal in Spring, so after I get to that, I'm all over these!
I got the second Sons of Steel Row book from Berkley, so I went ahead and got my copy of the first. (I do like to read my books in order even when they can be considered stand alone!)
And I got Sarah MacLean's The Rogue Not Taken finally! I THOUGHT I had it when I was at my used bookstore, so I didn't get it. Instead, I bought a book I had a duplicate of. Go figure.
Anyway. There you have it! Those are the books I have bought with my settlement and Christmas giftcard $!!! (I do need to mention, I still have some Amazon GC left....)
Have you read any of these? What should I start first? What books should I get with my remaining GC $??

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  1. Yay for new books!! I really need to get Sidebarred. I am listening to Appealed and love that series. I need to read Kleypas because of Nick too! Enjoy!

  2. OMG TIED TO TROUBLE! I adored that book so much. Chad is the actual best. And Sweet! Tammara Webber can do no wrong. So many pretties!

  3. Oooooooh. Excellent choices! I have and still need to read Sweet, Idol and Ladies Man. One of these days... Both of Megan's books were incredible. I know you're shocked. Haha. LOVED Sidebarred and really enjoyed the Manwhore series. I can't wait for you to read Dare to Run. It was so good. And I think it'll make Chris' book that much better to know the whole backstory. I really enjoyed The Rogue Not Taken and, I too will get around to reading LK's new series one of these days. I figure I have until February, when the third book is released. Because that one's about Sebastian and Evie's son and there's no way I'm waiting to read it. :)


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