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Music Moment #1

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Artist: Lord Huron
Album: Lonesome Dreams
Released: Oct. 9, 2012

Track Listing:

         1. Ends of the Earth *
         2. Time To Run
         3. Lonesome Dreams
         4. The Ghost on the Shore
         5. She Lit a Fire
         6. I Will Be Back One Day
         7. The Man Who Lives Forever
         8. Lullaby
         9. Brother
        10. In the Wind

Thanks to my friend Curt for introducing me to Lord Huron.... this cd is amazingly beautiful.

iTunes Review:  

It’s safe to assume that fans of My Morning Jacket will take an immediate liking to the first song on Lord Huron’s 2012 debut album, Lonesome Dreams. “Ends of the Earth” finds frontman Ben Schneider singing in a high, throaty croon similar to that of MMJ frontman Jim James (right down to the gratuitous amounts of reverb). But there are sublime spaghetti western undertones resonating here; they have more in common with Bob Dylan’s 1973 score for Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid than anything related to Ennio Morricone. Aside from using a similar amount of reverb, “Time to Run” sounds like Schneider is being backed by a different band. With no trace of the Old West, this song skitters on the layered percussion of Afrobeat grooves that recall Paul Simon’s Graceland while sunny melodies radiate from verse to chorus. This contrast between Americana and experimental folk is balanced throughout Lonesome Dreams. “I Will Be Back One Day” could be a Ryan Adams song, while “The Ghost on the Shore” shimmers with a Devendra Banhart–style wizardry.

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