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Review: Unbreak Me by Lexi Ryan

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Unbreak Me
   by: Lexi Ryan

Publication Date: May 27, 2013
Publisher: Lexi Ryan/Ever After, LLC
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Source: e-ARC from AToMR tours in exchange for a fair and honest review
Page Count: 178 pages
Order Links: Amazon | B&N
My Rating: 3.5/5 stars

"If you’re broken, I’ll fix you…”

I’m only twenty-one and already damaged goods. A slut. A failure. A disappointment to my picture-perfect family as long as I can remember. I called off my wedding to William Bailey, the only man who thought I was worth fixing. A year later, he’s marrying my sister. Unless I ask him not to…

“If you shatter, I’ll find you…”

But now there’s Asher Logan, a broken man who sees the fractures in my façade and doesn’t want to fix me at all. Asher wants me to stop hiding, to stop pretending. Asher wants to break down my walls. But that means letting him see my ugly secrets and forgiving him for his.

With my past weighing down on me, do I want the man who holds me together or the man who gives me permission to break?

My Review:
This book was an emotional rollercoaster! My heart and emotions were everywhere at some points! I did really like it though. Though- I felt like it read a bit too fast. I didn't quite get enough plot and character development (concerning Asher and Will, anyways.) Lexi did a great job of showing us how broken Maggie's character really is and how her past has come to form so much of her present.
I want to start by talking about Maggie's character. I really liked her. She was so up in your face, brutally honest, and spunky- but you know from the beginning that it was all a facade. She keeps people at a distance and doesn't want anyone to know the ugly truth of her past. Your heart can't help but break for her once you finally learn about everything she has gone through. Not to mention, living in a small town, where everyone knows everyone's business, she can't escape her past and things that people whisper behind her back.
I wouldn't say there is a love triangle in this book, but there are two guys both interested in Maggie. One is her ex-fianceé who is about to marry her sister, and the other is a former rock star that lives next door to Maggie's mother. I felt myself really torn between the two for most of the book and then later realized who would be the better fit for Maggie. It's no secret I typically go for the good, sweet guys. I don't naturally gravitate toward the bad boys like most women do, lol. So, I was all for Will coming to his senses and realizing he was making a mistake with Maggie's sister. But once Asher came into the picture and we see just how much he wants to get to know Maggie (despite her very forward sexual advances) he really made me fall for him too! He wants Maggie to feel comfortable enough with him to open up, but he doesn't pressure her and he certainly doesn't want to try and fix who she is, especially since he has his own emotional baggage to deal with! He wants her to confide in him and then together work through overcoming her issues.
Both Asher and Will have things they are keeping from Maggie. One secret in particular, while we as readers knew what it was, Maggie didn't and I felt so wrecked for her. She is desperately trying to run from her past and genuinely doesn't want to be the person she once was. And this one secret brings it all back to life for her and I felt so bad!
The steam factor in this book? SO high! Lexi Ryan knows how to write some good steamy, love scenes, that's for sure! :D
Overall, this was a fast read for me and despite some smaller issues I had, I did like it. I love reading about broken characters who feel they have nothing left or nothing of worth to offer and then watch them discover that they do and are able to find love in someone who wants to build them up and help them through their issues.
About the Author:
New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Ryan writes romances with humor, heat, and heart. Her books are described as fun, flirty, and wickedly sexy. A lover of learning, Lexi has been in the classroom all her life and currently holds the title of assistant professor of English at her local community college. Lexi is a proud member of Romance Writers of America. She lives in rural Indiana with her husband and two children.


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  1. Great Review! I really liked this book too. I also agree that it did read a bit fast and I would have liked a little more character development from Asher. I think she did a really good job on the suprise element. :-)

    1. I think so too! There were a few things I definitely didn't see coming!

  2. Ooooh, I like steamy! I have this one on my wish list but I need to make at least a little dent in my TBR first. Looks really good though :)

    1. I hear you on making a dent in the TBR! Mine is crazy right now.

  3. Aw, I think I would enjoy this book. It would be interesting to see how her facade is worn down and she emerges from her experience. :)

    1. I did really like seeing this tough, no-nonsense girl really show just how vulnerable and hurt she really was.

  4. This book looks amazing! Lovely review(:

    1. Thanks Jackie! I did enjoy it! Even though my heart was all over the place!


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