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Feature and Follow Friday #11

By 7:31 AM

The Feature & Follow is a weekly event that allows bloggers to get to know each other, and gain more followers! It is hosted by TWO hosts, Parajunkee and Alison Can Read.
 I just recently hit 250 followers and now I am doing an appreciation giveaway! Just a little something to say thank you for being so awesome and supporting me! Check it out here.
Leave me a comment and let me know how you followed so I can follow you back! You can also follow me on Twitter- because I love tweeting about books!
Q: Happy Mother's Day! Who is your favorite Mom from fiction?
I bet we're all going to say Mrs. Weasley from Harry Potter! But why not?! She's awesome! She definitely tops my list. I'd also have to include Layken's mom from Slammed. I especially love what she did in Point of Retreat for Layken and Will. <3 <3 <3

Who are your favorite Moms?

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  1. Layken's mom! Good pick. I went with Mrs. Weasley. I wish she was a real person so she can see how much everyone loves her - that would be a nice mother's day gift.
    Old follower : )
    CeCe @ Steaming Mug of Books

  2. I went with Molly too, plus another mom because I knew she'd be all over the FFs today.

    Old follower, just hopping by! Here's my Feature & Follow!

    ~Andrea @ Beauty but a Funny Girl

    1. Good choice Andrea! I think a lot of us did a few other moms just because we knew Molly would be top pick!

  3. Shoot! I wasn't able to jump on the Mrs. Weasley bandwagon. I can't believe I forgot about her when I wrote my post. -.- New Follower via GFC, Bloglovin, and Linky.

    Starry Storm

    1. :D That's ok! I always forget people I want to reference during these memes! It's only after I visit a bunch that I go- OH YEAH! Thanks for following!

  4. Both of those are very popular choices today. For very good reasons, because they both are amazing mothers. And really great characters.
    Old follower
    my F&F

    1. Thanks Kimberly! I completely agree- great characters and moms. We need to see some more of them in YA, I think.

  5. Yup! I think it's agreed by bloggers today, that Mrs. Weasley is the #1 mom in books! Of course there are others, but we all seem to be gravitating towards Mrs. Weasley!

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT weekend!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Agreed! And what a great role model and mother to choose! I love it!

  6. I haven't heard of slam, thanks for the suggestion!

    Julianna Smith

  7. Yeah, Mrs Weasley was the expected popular choice...I couldn't help mentioning her too :) She's so incredible ♥ Awesome choices Jessica!!

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows


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