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Blog Tour: Breathe Me by Alexia Purdy

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Welcome to my stop on the Breathe Me tour hosted by RBTL World of Books Tours!
Today I am so excited to share my review with you all!
   by: Alexia Purdy
Publication Date: May 27, 2013
Publisher: Lyrical Lit Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Source: received an e-copy from RBTL and the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Page Count: 264 pages
Order Links: Amazon | B&N
My Rating: 3/5 stars

Mature/adult content. If you're looking for SMUTTINESS, or BAD BOYS to save, this is not for you. Happy endings? Yes. Yummy boyfriend? Oh yes, please proceed...

Sometimes the one who broke your heart is the one who needs saving the most.

Piper Sandervale never thought she’d ever see Sasha Koval again, not since he'd taken her heart, ripped it out and obliterated it. Now six years have passed, and she has run into him once more at the local fairgrounds in Las Vegas. He desperately wants another chance, and he’s willing to do anything to get her back. She’s not willing to give him anything but a taste of his own medicine, and this may be her chance for payback. But is she only getting in way over her head?

Even as she plots her revenge, Piper discovers that something has changed with Sasha, and she finds herself struggling to justify holding on to past hurts as he continues his quest for atonement.

My Review:

I was first drawn to this book by the cuteness of the cover! I admit it. I am a cover junkie. If it's pretty or looks cute I pretty much buy it. Overall, I liked this one. It was a fast, cute read. I will say it was a bit lacking in depth and I wish I had more plot development. I did feel as if the plot moved a bit too fast and that everything was resolved a bit faster than I would have liked.

I did like the alternating POV's and the flashbacks really help us a get a feel for just how deep Piper's heartbreak goes. We also get to see how Sasha reacts and helps us understand some key things concerning his actions.

With that being said, it was a cute love story between Sasha and Piper. Sasha broke Piper's heart and now pops back up in her life years later. She is completely unprepared for his reappearance and even though he still makes her weak in the knees, she refuses to let him back into her life and her heart. Instead, she wants revenge. She wants to make him hurt like he did her once upon a time. Yet, she's finding that matters of the heart are rarely that simple. Sasha manages to work his way back in, despite her efforts to keep him out.

We do have some pretty important side characters. Joss is Piper's cousin, and the two are very close. Joss has a daughter,  Leah, and the two are really the only people that Piper has in her life. Cam is another important character, but I'm not going to say exactly where he fits in. But he is all kinds of adorable and definitely steals your heart.

Alexia did have a few plot twists that I definitely did not see coming. They are heartbreaking, but I think at the end of it, Piper comes out a much stronger person.

About Alexia:
Alexia currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada–Sin City! She loves to spend every free moment writing or playing with her four rambunctious kids. Writing has always been her dream and she has been writing ever since she can remember. She loves writing paranormal fantasy and poetry and devours books daily. Alexia also enjoys watching movies, dancing, singing loudly in the car and Italian food.

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  1. Oh I love that cover too! Its beyond cute :-) Nothing wrong with a quick, light, fun read especially if a few curveballs are thrown in.

    1. :D Absolutely! I needed a book with relatively no angst. LOL.

  2. A book without a bad boy? What is that?

    1. It is a first that's for sure! I like sweet, good guys every now and again!


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