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Review: Come What May by Faith Sullivan

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Come What May (Heartbeat #2)
   by: Faith Sullivan

Publication Date: May 29, 2013
Genre: Contemporary
Age Group: New Adult
Source: received from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Page Count: 162 pages
Order Links: Amazon
My Rating: 4/5 stars

Adam is through with love.

He unravels blaming himself for what happened with Katie.

His final moments with her echo through his nightmares.

She owns him body and soul.

To dull the pain, Adam invites a string of women into his bed. Fueled by alcohol and desperation, his meaningless hook-ups provide little comfort. When he closes his eyes, it's Katie he sees.

The only one who helps to ease his guilt somewhat is Jada. But as his new ambulance partner, Adam considers her off limits. He doesn't want to get seriously involved with anyone, much less her. Yet he can't stop fantasizing about the feel of her caramel skin against his.

Despite his intentions, Adam's bond with Jada deepens as they respond to a series of emotional calls. Their mutual attraction becomes undeniable. But how can he give his heart to Jada when it still belongs to Katie?
Whew! After the craziness that was the ending to the first book, Heartbeat, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Faith had created a sequel! I'm going to try and keep this review as spoiler free as I possibly can.
Adam is a mess over the shocking final events in Heartbeat. He is a very different person than the one we originally met. No longer is he the sweet, innocent guy he once was, but he has turned to losing himself in alcohol and sex to numb the pain of what happened. He is tormented and haunted by nightmares and even his good friends can't seem to pull him out of his despair. He gets a new ambulance partner, Jada, who is not going to put up with Adam's hangups. She is there to do her job and she wants to succeed and do it well. She is not going to let this guy (no matter how attractive she finds him) ruin her opportunity at finally being able to actively take part in the job.
I have to admit, I didn't want to like Jada. I was rather attached to Katie, but Jada is such a great character. She is tough and I liked that. She may have anxiety issues, but she is able to remain calm and collected even in rough situations. She has also known loss, so she proves to be a good listener and friend to Adam- even when he didn't deserve it.
Jada and Adam have a complicated relationship. Jada finds herself falling for Adam, yet Adam knows there will never be anyone who makes him feel like Katie did. Which is crazy for him to think based on how well he really knew Katie. Adam is definitely attracted to Jada and has to convince himself that getting involved with her is not a good idea because for one- they work together, and two- he knows he can't be that guy for her, due to his lingering feelings for Katie. Their relationship together makes sense though- they have spent time getting to know one another and forming a friendship. Jada has seen the worst parts of Adam and yet still wants to be there for him and take care of him.
Once again, Faith doesn't hold back with the plot twists. We get a pretty big one towards the end and another HUGE one for the ending. I am quite nervous about the final book in the series because I know what I want to happen and I honestly don't know how Faith will finish out Adam's story. Personally, I am hoping Adam follows his heart because that boy could use a bit of happiness after all that he's lost.

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  1. Oh gosh... I love books with twists, but they give me anxiety lol. I have been on the fence about this series, but they seem like quick reads so I'll be keeping them in mind. Great review!!!

    1. Thanks Teresa! I love twists too, and I agree- I get so anxious over them! LOL!

  2. Great review! I need to read this soon though I am nervous for the cliffhanger, especially if it's anything like Heartbeat.

  3. Nice review! I wish I get a chance to read this one soon.

  4. Surprisingly for such a contemporary fanatic, I haven't heard of this series! O_O They sound like fun, quick reads with great characters, so I definitely have to check this out. I like the sound of Jada and Adam, and it seems their relationship isn't all that conventional, which is really nice for a change. I'm with Teresa...plot twists also give me anxiety but I am curious to know all about Adam and how Sullivan will finish this series. I'm glad to see you enjoyed this, Jessica! Fab review! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 


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