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Weekly Wrap-Up #26 {Decatur Book Festival edition!}

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Weekly Wrap-Up #26
Well, as I said in my last wrap-up, I headed down to Decatur, GA for the Decatur Book Festival! I ended up getting a cold, which was NO BUENO! I didn't get to an early enough start, and of course got stuck in traffic! I had to detour through Acworth, GA before getting back on the interstate. So, now I'm really pushing that 1:00 time to go hear Michelle Hodkin's panel! To make matters worse, my GPS deposited me in downtown ATL.... Decatur is 20 miles outside! WTH Garmin! Tonya called me and was like where are you? And I was like, oh you know, downtown Atlanta by the stinking Varsity! So, I finally made it there and met up with Tonya, her husband, and two kids! But holy heat, Batman!
First up was the 'How Did I Get Here?' panel with Michelle Hodkin, Myra McEntire, and Lauren Miller. I am obsessed with Myra's Hourglass series, I read and enjoyed Lauren's Parallel (despite the ending that made me uber mad) and I've heard great things about Michelle's Mara Dyer series. It turns out Michelle was not signing for us today, as she was observing Sabbath, but she was sweet enough to take a pic with me!
And then I got one with Myra! (Sorry for the ahem, cleavage shot...) I was a little bummed I only got Hourglass and Infinityglass (Books 1 and 3 in the series- Book two was sold out. No worries though- I'm seeing her again in October!)

I also got to meet Aly from My Heart Hearts Books and Octavia from Read. Sleep. Repeat. as well as a couple other bloggers! It was great!
After that, we walked around the street fair looking at the different tents, booths, etc. We walked around the kids area for a bit, before heading back over to the Teen Stage to catch the end of the Love and Romance panel with Bridie Clark, Lauren Morrill, and Robyn Schneider. I didn't get anymore pictures from this day though.
The next day, I met back up with Tonya (let's face it- I loved meeting and hanging out with her! She is awesome and 3 hours isn't that far away! We had a lot more in common than just books too!) Octavia also met back up with us, so it was awesome to hang with her too! And we settled in for the Fierce Reads panel with Gennifer Albin, Leigh Bardugo, Anna Banks, and Marie Rutkoski. As I was buying my Leigh and Anna books, I ended up getting an ARC of Marie's new book The Winner's Curse! Good thing, I like to eavesdrop on conversations or I wouldn't have known! :D I didn't really get any pictures of them, but Tonya did. (Check out her posts here and here.) I was too busy trying to get all of them to sign stuff while this huge storm was blowing in!
And Gennifer is awesome! Let me just say. For those who don't know, her alter ego is Sophia Bleu, author of Catching Liam so naturally I had to tell her why Scottish men wear kilts. :D And I got swag for myself and Jessirae!
Octavia, myself, and Tonya (I am SO not photogenic. And my stupid shirt is crooked. LOL.) Us three girls went to lunch at a super cute Mexican restaurant called HOLA and then we parted ways with Octavia. Tonya and I headed over to where the New Adult panel was going to be to get books for ourselves and Wendy, Chelsea, and Danielle. Good thing we went over there when we did! JLA's books were going FAST!
They are so pretty!!
It was so cool to hear them talk about their books, as well as the NA genre. I can't believe how fast both Abbi and JLA write books! Holy crap!
We met and chatted with JLA first. She's super nice! She is without a doubt one of my favorite authors, so it was a big deal to get all our books signed! (I even traipsed around Atlanta the night before to multiple B&N's looking for a copy of Origin to get signed. Only to find out they had them at the festival...)
And then I got a couple of books signed by Abbi! She is also super sweet!
SUCH a fun weekend! I'm so glad I decided to go! I might not seem it, but I'm definitely a shy person, so I had a lot of anxiety going to this thing by myself and meeting new people- but I'm so glad I did!
And now for the books!!

And now for my actual week of blogging! A slower week again. Getting back into the school groove is tricky! And I've been more social lately (going to football games, etc.) so my reading non-stop on the weekends has been difficult.
Sunday:                   Stacking The Shelves #30
                                 Cover Reveal: Second Chance Summer by Emma Hart
Monday:                  Cover Reveal: Rushing into Love by Ashelyn Drake
                                 Review: Relic by Renee Collins
Tuesday:                 Blog Tour: Unafraid by Melody Grace
Wednesday:           Waiting on Wednesday: Evertrue by Brodi Ashton
                                Feature: If You Leave by Courtney Cole
                                Cover Reveal: A Matter of Truth by Heather Lyons
Thursday:               Swoon Thursday: If You Leave by Courtney Cole
                                Cover Reveal: Wish I May by Lexi Ryan
                                A Bookish Escape Giveaway!
Friday:                     Cover Reveal: Off Chance by Sawyer Bennett
                               ARC Review: Thin Space by Jody Casella
Next week:
                                    Blog Tours:
                                    A Little Too Far by Lisa Desrochers
                                    Good Intentions by S.L. Scott
                                    Conjured by Sarah Beth Durst
                                    Cipher by Cindi Madsen
                                    Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis


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  1. Sounds like you had fun Srta. Glad for you!
    Rebekah Gyger

    1. Thanks Rebekah! It was a great time! Love all things book related! :D

  2. It is so awesome you got to meet those girls. I loved meeting and hanging out with Wendy today! Thank you again for picking up those books for me. I will send your copy of Faking It on Monday. I also included a little swag surprise in there too :-) Wendy has your copy of Losing It and she'll send it to you :-) I can't wait to see what you think of A Little Too Far. I really want to read that one!

    1. No problem girl! And yay swag surprise! I love those!

  3. BAHAHA Cleavage. *giggles immaturely*

    Glad you were able to come and meet up with us! I had such a blast! :) I still can't believe you went to all those book stores and Origin was AT the signing LOL

    <3 you

    1. Hahahaha! At least I didn't put 'Boobies!' or something! Right?! It made my ATL experience interesting at least! I now know the Roswell area like the back of my hand! LOL.

  4. Wooh! Looks like you had an awesome time girl(: Totally jealous. So wish I could've gone and met all y'all :D
    Happy reading


    1. Thanks Jackie! I wish you could have come too! It would've been awesome to meet you! Someday! :D

  5. I wish I had known about this! I live a 3 hour drive from Decatur! I could have come and met ya guys up there too!!

    Amber @Paradise of Pages

    1. Oh no! Amber! I wish I had known that too! We would have loved to have met you there!! Next year for sure!!


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