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ARC Review: Two by Leigh Ann Kopans

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Two (One Universe #2)
   by: Leigh Ann Kopans

Publication Date: Oct. 1, 2013
Publisher: Createspace
Genre: Science-Fiction
Age Group: Young Adult
Source: e-ARC provided by the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Page Count: 394 pages
Order Links: Amazon | B&N
My Rating: 4/5 stars

Elias and Merrin are on the run.

After escaping the Biotech Hub, they thought they could breathe easy, or at least a little easier. But when bombs slam into the Social Welfare Hub only hours after their arrival, it becomes clear there's nowhere to hide - and no end to what Biotech will do to get them back.

Their last chance for safety and answers is the Clandestine Service Hub. CS has intel on the real, broader purpose behind Fisk’s experiments , and the newfound knowledge of the horrors hidden deep within Biotech’s walls sends Merrin back to recover a secret formula that could ruin the Supers’ world forever—and might just save the lives of the Biotech victims spiraling out of control.

Elias' sisters are counted among the victims of Fisk’s experiments, and if Elias can't find and help them, their powers will destroy them--sooner rather than later. Returning to the place it all began terrifies him, but with Fisk ready to make an example out of Merrin, and his sisters’ lives --and the lives of all Supers--hanging in the balance, he might not have a choice. If he can't find the courage to face his worst fears, Elias might lose more than his newfound powers.

He might lose everyone he loves.

I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Leigh Ann's One earlier this year for the blog tour hosted by InkSlingerPR. (See my review HERE.) And I absolutely adored it! Leigh Ann did an amazing job of creating unique, likeable characters and after I finished, I wasn't ready to let them go! When I found out she was writing a companion novel that would be from Elias's POV, I think I freaked out. No, really.

Elias is the beautiful, kind, caring boy who took a chance on befriending the new girl at school and refused to give up on her, even after she pushed him away. Watching him break down those barriers she had constructed and get her to open up to him was one of my favorite aspects of the novel. Oh, yeah the superpowers? Also VERY cool! :D Sometimes having superpowers in books can be cheesy, but not here!

Two picks up right where One left off. After rescuing Elias from the corrupt President Fisk at Biotech Hub and uncovering the truth about what his true purpose was, Elias and Merrin are now on the run. They are in possession of formulas taken from the Hub and now need help deciphering their true nature. Their first instinct is to head to one of the other Hubs and hope they can provide sanctuary for them. After a close call at the Social Welfare Hub, the two make their way to the Clandestine Service Hub located close to the CIA in D.C. They are hoping President Masters can help them and not manipulate them. Having to question every person's motives is frustrating for Elias and Merrin. Too many people have failed them in the past and Elias does not want to take any chances. His sisters are in danger, Merrin is as stubborn as ever and more often than not, doesn't stop to listen to reason.

I loved Elias's voice in this novel. He is practical, but he is also a worrier. He is anxious to find out information about his sisters and is wary of his surroundings. I like that Elias is cautious and careful- it matches his personality perfectly. He has never minded being a One, someone with only one superpower, versus a Super, someone who has two. Elias craves stability and wants to live a normal life- he could do without his power and would be fine. Merrin, on the other hand, has never felt whole without being a Super. Her dream is to fly solo, and she is determined to find out what those formulas can do that she took from Biotech. I'll be honest- Merrin drove me a little crazy in this book. Her determination borders on recklessness and Elias isn't afraid to call her out on it. We really see the couple's relationship tested in this novel. Elias wants Merrin to think through her actions and decide if she's doing what's best all around. Merrin has always been a fierce, determined character and we really see that in this book. She is hurt that Elias doesn't seem to understand her- she knows he loves her, but she can't just settle for being Normal. That was never Merrin's way.

Even though there is tension between Merrin and Elias, there are SO many sweet moments in this book! You can really tell how much these two love each other and the lengths they would go to for one another. Even when Merrin is acting hot-headed and Elias seems too passive- the two complement each other so incredibly well. Leigh Ann could have taken their relationship in such a different direction, but I'm glad these two stayed unified, despite their differences.

For Leni and Daniel fans- never fear! They are back and better than ever! I loved seeing their friendship with Merrin and Elias and how they will stick together no matter what. We also get a few new characters- Hayley, Vera, and Gallagher being my favorites. Hayley is another Super they met while at the Social Welfare Hub, who joins them at the Clandestine Hub. She has the power to manipulate the elements and watching her create a storm is awesome! Vera and Gallagher both work at the CSH and end up playing a big role in helping Elias and Merrin.

This book is filled with action, romance, mystery, and I couldn't stop reading! Biotech Hub may have been destroyed but the threat is far from over- in fact, the fate of all Supers and Ones hangs in the balance and its up to Elias, Merrin, and crew to put a stop to the evil forces at work. Yeah, easier said than done. To find out what happens- you just need to read the book!

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  1. I have heard some great things about this series in general and superpowers really do sound cool. Girl why are you always making me add books to my TBR? Great review!

    1. Hehehe! I love this series Teresa! It's awesome! Definitely worth adding to that TBR!

  2. I liked One, especially Elias. It's awesome that he got his own pov/book, and that you think it was well done.

    1. Elias is my secret too young book boyfriend. LOL. I love him! He totally rocked this book!

  3. Great review! This sounds like a really good series. I don't think I have heard of it before but it's going on my TBR.

  4. I love that cover! I remember seeing the first book, and thought it sounded pretty darn awesome! I think I need to start this series ;) Great review! OH yes!

    1. Yes!!! Do read them! I love them! And aren't the covers gorgeous?!!? Ahhh!


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