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25 Days of Book Boyfriends!

By 12:50 AM

Happy almost December friends!
As you know- I love my book boyfriends. I have a nice long list of boys that make me melt, swoon, break my heart, and then put it back together again! Chelsea from Starbucks & Books Obession, Teresa from Readers Live a 1000 Lives, and myself decided to host a fun little tour of sorts to celebrate our book boyfriends for the month of December!
No matter what holiday you celebrate, book boyfriends can be universally celebrated. :)
With that being said- we need your help! We are looking for 22 bloggers to participate in our 25 Days of Book Boyfriends!
It's very easy to get involved:
1) Pick your top 3 book boyfriends.
2) Choose your top 3 posting dates between December 1st and 25th.
3) Your tour post should host a spotlight of sorts to introduce your book boyfriend to the world! You can feature reviews, character profiles, pictures (ooh yes! We always love some man candy to look at!), top ten list, etc.
4) Host a giveaway of that book for your readers! (Optional)
Fill out that information HERE.
This is a great way to spotlight not only your favorite book boyfriend, but motivate others to read that book if they haven't already!
We hope you decide to join in the fun!

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