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BEA 2014 Recap: Part One

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Here we go folks! My BEA 2014 Recap (Part One!)
First things first.


Teresa, Tonya, CeCe, Lauren, myself, Wendy, Chelsea, and Rebecca

Tonya, Teresa, Heather, Danielle, myself, CeCe, Wendy, and Chelsea

Heather, myself, Tonya, and Michelle

Me, Tonya, and Chelsea

Me and Vi!

Chelsea and me!

"The Enforcer"

Me and Jennifer Probst!

Me and Morgan Matson!

Me and Nikki!

JLA and me!

Danielle, Nikki, and myself

Wendy, CeCe, Danielle, Chelsea, and Heather

Tonya, me, and Teresa

Vi, Teresa, and me!

I'll be back next week with my BEA 2014 Recap Part Two!

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  1. Ok first of all: I am THRILLED Nikki convinced you to read MISTBORN!! OMG I hope you love it as much as I did - but what am I saying OF COURSE you will :D Anyways it was awesome to (quickly) meet you at BEA this year but I wish I would have found you earlier *sad face*

    Anyways we got A LOT of the same books - I'm super jelly that you got the Seth Titan novel. I'd been traumatized by the Dark Side at that point so I didn't risk it but I'm still bummed out about it. But yeah we both got Talon, Salt & Storm, Zodiac, The Darkest Part of the Forest, Sinner, The Beautiful Ashes, Fire Artist and Compulsion. I also missed out on Vault of Dreamers but I'm hoping to get approved on NG :D I LOVED (loved loved) looking at all your wonderful pics and good job on your first vlogs! I wish we could already go back and do it all over again!!

    PS- I hope you'll get into the supernatural genre again too - I actually experimented with my first contemporary in YEARS. I enjoyed it a lot so if I can do it you can too LOL Cheers xxxx

  2. YAY YOUR VLOG! it makes me miss youu!!! I miss all you girls like crazy, seriously. I'm so glad you got approved for heir of fire yay!! And I'm so excited for the return, that warning on the back cracked me up too. :) Hope you're having a lot of fun on the beach with your books!!

  3. JESSICAAAAAAAAAAAA I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU TO READ MISTBORN. *ahem* But seriously. Seriously. Okay I'll stop.

    I am just SO glad that we were able to meet FINALLY, and seeing your face in your vlog just made me really sad that we don't live closer together. We need teleportation for bookish gatherings!! D: Anyway - we got SO MANY of the same books and I'll be so excited to talk about them all with you!! <33333 And I already can't wait until BEA 2015!

  4. I have so many blogger friends I wanna meet. I hope to be able to go to an ALA or BEA one day :)

  5. Sounds like you had a fantastic time and you got great books. I'm jelly for Since You've Been Gone and Immortal Heart ;). Oh and an audio of Landline sounds fun. I'm listening to audio a lot lately, after resisting for years, I'm shocked to find I actually love them. Enjoy reading on the beach!!

  6. So many books to be envious of! But not really, because I'm glad you had a good time and met lots of cool bloggers. Thanks for sharing your experience!

  7. You're so sweet, Jessica! Looks like you got a GREAT stash at BEA. A few I wish I would have snagged. :) So happy I finally met you!

  8. JESSICA I am so glad we finally got to meet! But I have decided we didn't take enough pics together lol. You got so many pretty books and I want to hug them all. Cannot wait to see what you think of them! *hugs*

  9. Love looking at all the pictures! Next year that will be a goal, take more pictures! Enjoy your reads :) I cannot wait to start mine!

    Ashley @ The Quiet Concert

  10. Oh my gosh look at ALL THE BOOKS!!! Talon, Since You've Been Gone, Sinner, This Shattered World and AND STONE COLD TOUCH...ahhh you luck lucky girl!! I wouldn't know which one to read first!!
    It looks like you had such an amazing time! I'm hoping to make it to the BEA...one day ;)

  11. LOL Lily Bloom Reads...

    I'm glad you did a vlog! I am doing mine this weekend! :D Hope you're having a fun time at the beach!


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