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BEA 2014 Recap: Part Two

By 9:55 AM ,

And here's Part Two of my BEA 2014 Recap!
My box of books I shipped came! Wooo!
GRAND TOTAL (for myself): 45 physical books and 1 audiobook!

The 2nd VLOG:

David Baldacci and myself
Me and CeCe!
Heather and myself!
Me and Rachel Harris!
Me and Teresa!
Me in Times Square with Tonya, LOL.
Me and Wendy!
Nikki, me, and Danielle!
Times Square
Tonya, me, and Chelsea
Let's Break it Down!
Wednesday: We were supposed to go to the Teen Author Carnival, but by the time my flight decided to FINALLY arrive (after 3 delays!), we got there too late. Instead Tonya, Chelsea, and I met up with Wendy, CeCe, and Danielle at Chipotle. We also met Betty (Book Rock Betty), Lauren (Love is Not a Triangle), Alexa (Alexa Loves Books), and a few other bloggers there.
Thursday: First day of BEA. Tonya and I left early to get our badges, which ended up being easy peasy, and then went and got in line for the exhibit hall. Heather (Turning Pages) and Michelle (Pink Polka Dot Books) got in line with us too. I also went up and met Krista (Krista's Dust Jacket), Val (Stuck in Books), Anna (Annaberry Reads), and Jen (At Random) and they were kind enough to fill me in on their plan as to how to navigate the exhibit hall.
Krista advised to plan a route of the different publishing companies and see what their morning drops were. We girls (Wendy, CeCe, Chelsea, Danielle, Tonya, and myself) created a group text message so we could alert others to drops. Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers was the first one I got! (Thanks Danielle!)
After a quick perusal, I headed over to get in line for the Harlequin authors (Ann Aguirre and Jeaniene Frost). While there, I met Jen (Jenuine Cupcakes), as well as Kelly (Effortlessly Reading)! After getting Ann and Jeaniene's books, I went ahead and got immediately back in the Harlequin line with Val, Nicole (Feed Your Fiction Addiction), Malissa (Reads All the Books), and Stephanie (No BS Book Reviews) for JLA, Julie Kagawa, Adi Alsaid, etc.
I had some down time after that and just wandered around, which was nice. I did make sure I was at David Baldacci's signing for my Dad later that afternoon.
Afterwards, we went to eat at a place called Clyde Frazier's, which was really good and just up the street. We also decided to go explore Times Square and get some cheesecake. We finally made it home later that night, after ah, lots of detours (*eyes Danielle*), but it was good exercise so I wasn't complaining!
Friday: Day Two of BEA. My incredibly busy day. I headed straight for Anne Eliot to get Unmaking Hunter Kennedy and also ended up meeting up with Rachel Harris and chatting with her! I also got to meet the Rock sisters which was cool and snagged their book Camp Payback and lots of swag. After I swang by SHP to get Danielle Ellison's Follow Me Through Darkness and then went to find/form a line for Morgan Matson. Danielle, Nikki, and I stood with Brianna and Nicole (Paperback Princess) and we were all at the beginning and got those super cute heart shaped sunglasses too!
After that I immediately headed to Little Brown to 'line up' for the 3:00 drop of Salt & Storm, Unmarked, and The Darkest Part of the Forest. Teresa met up with me and we hung with Stephanie again, as well as Malissa. We were the head of the 'line' and afterwards Malissa and I booked it over to get Miranda Kenneally's Breathe, Annie, Breathe, which I didn't think we'd make but we did! They handed copies out in line, so we decided to bail and go get the 3:30 Vault of Dreamers drop instead of waiting to get Miranda to sign our books. THEN, I managed to make it back to SHP and get Dahlia Adler's Behind the Scenes. WHEW. My 3:00-4:00 was NUTSO.
We all went to dinner at Don Antonio's, where I heard they had good pizza, before heading over to the Blogger Picnic in Central Park. It definitely started raining on us, so we didn't get to see everyone that was there, but mad props to Alexa (Alexa Loves Books), Jen (YA Romantics), Katelyn (Kate's Tales of Books & Bands), and Andrea (The Overstuffed Bookcase) for putting it together! I got to meet Micheline (Lunar Rainbows) and Giselle (Xpresso Reads) there too! I also met some new to me bloggers, Jessica (Jessie Marie Reads) and Jennifer (Live to Read, Love to Read)
Afterwards, a group of us went to McGee's Pub, which is the How I Met Your Mother bar, for drinks before calling it a night.
Saturday: Day 3 of BEA and Day of Book Con. Book Con was hell and we all hated it. It was chaos. We ended up trying to stay far away from it. We booked it for our The Return ticket from SHP and then leisurely wandered around until it was time to get in line. We actually met Jasinda Wilder during this time and got her to sign Alpha for us! Wooo! We also met Kim (KimberlyFaye Reads) and Rebecca (The Library Canary) as they were standing in line for a drop right near us.
JLA's line was insane, as you can imagine. Even though it was ticketed, it was still long. While we were waiting Hannah (The Irish Banana) took a vide to show Jen just how much we loved Seth.

You can find the video on Hannah's BEA recap HERE.
Hannah then came around later and said if we didn't care to have our books signed, she'd just give us a copy in exchange for our ticket. I opted for this option, because I'm seeing JLA again at UtopYA here in Nashville and I can bring my copy to get signed there.
I was really bummed Kristen Ashley, Rebecca Zanetti, Jill Shalvis's line was crazy long- but by then we were all kinda over it and ready to eat our first lunch of the trip. Teresa took us to this awesome Mexican restaurant called Blockheads and afterwards we went back to the hotel after walking in the rain through NYC. No bueno. We just hung out, chatted, and then later we went and got some $1.00 slices just up the street. (That were awesome.)
Being our last night together, we all stayed up pretty late and I really loved getting to know these girls better! I was so sad in the morning when they all left!
Sunday: Last day in NYC. After everyone left, Tonya and I decided to some sight-seeing since our flight wasn't until the afternoon. We went to the World Trade Center and saw the new Freedom Tower, which was amazing, as well as the fountains that now occupy where the towers once stood.

We ate right near the Freedom Tower and then booked it back to our hotel, where we got there with a minute to spare! (Our car was arriving at 1:00 for us and we got back RIGHT at 1. LOL.)
Overall, I had such a great time!  I can't wait to do it again in the future! And I miss my amoeba very much right now.

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  1. I am still laughing because of that picture! LOL OY.

    I had such a blast at BEA! I am glad you box of books made it safe, I know how nervous you were about it!

  2. Oh yes the bee line for The Walled City, I remember it well! That morning was crazy pants! Everyone just shot in different directions lol but it was so much fun! I miss our amoeba too! I want us reunited ASAP! Is it BEA15 yet? Cause it needs to be!

  3. AHHH, OMG, WENDY AND THERESA AND RACHEL AHHH! So many fabulous people! I so hope I can go to BEA or another major convention next year (internships permitting) so I can meet lovely people like you and them and everyone else!

    Also. I will be eyeballing your copies of Salt & Storm and Zodiac to borrow, once you read them, if you want to part with them for a few days ;)

    Hope you MEET meet you sometime, Jess! Fantastic recap post part two :D

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  4. Weeee I simply cannot get enough of BEA recaps :D Reliving the awesomeness will NEVER get old! You got some fantastic books in the edition too: Ghost House, Lies We Tell Ourselves, The Walled City and The Young World to name a few! And you definitely did a better job than me taking awesome picks throughout the event :D I love that you shared some NYC pics too, makes me miss that city even more! I know we only met up shortly but it was awesome meeting you IRL nonetheless ♥ Hopefully we'll see each other again next year!! And yes BookCon was a disaster and I avoided it as much as possible too >.< Which meant missing at least 3 coveted signings. Womp womp. Ah well, the event as a whole was a blast anyways! Lovely recap ^^

    Micheline @ Lunar Rainbows Reviews

  5. It looks like you had so much fun!! I'm glad!! And I like all the books you got! See some I will have to look into :) Wish I could of went and met you! One day I'll be able to have the time to go to BEA!!


  6. I should have warned you all how directionally challenged I was LOL. But I appreciate you making sure I got "home" safe. <3 Ya'll were such a blast to hang out with. I miss my amoeba!

  7. I love all your photos; you look like you were having a fantastic time. I hope you enjoy your books, Jessica!

  8. My amoeba girls!!! I miss you all. I was so sad when we had to leave in the morning too! I loved staying up to chat that last night, even as I was getting tired and probably weird (Chelsea and I laughed over that tiger picture for way too long I'm sure). I want to hang out with all of youuu again!!! Also, glad your box got there safe and sound!


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