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Review: Dirty Deal by Christine Bell

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Dirty Deal (Perfectly Matched #2)
   by: Christine Bell

Publication Date: Aug. 25, 2014
Publisher: Entangled: Brazen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Source: e-ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Page Count: 250 pages
Order Links: Amazon | B&N
My Rating: 4/5 stars

A sexy category romance from Entangled publishing's Brazen imprint…

Professional matchmaker Serena Elliott spends her workdays helping clients find love. It’s the perfect gig. She gets to see the good part of the relationships...before things inevitably turn to crap. She leads her own love life the same way. Get in, and get out before things get too complicated. One date with sexy army doctor, Bryan Metcalf, won’t be enough to make her change her mind, no matter how hot it gets…

Bryan has had his share of crazy women and isn’t in the market for another relationship that ends by way of restraining order. When Serena Elliott gets into a bidding war for him at a charity bachelor auction, he’s a little worried. Turns out she’s just as anti-relationship as he is, and could be the solution to all his problems. If he can convince her to be his fake girlfriend, he just might be able to spend the rest of his leave in peace. Now if only he can stop thinking about that night on the beach…

But there are other forces at work that believe these two belong together, and they just might find out that happily ever afters do exist.

Whenever I'm in need of a good, steamy read the Brazen line is always a good choice. I have read a few other books by Christine Bell and was excited to see she was coming out with another Brazen. Although I did not read the first book in the Perfectly Matched series, I was still able to follow along with this one- though now I want to go back and read Grace and Trick's story!
Pacing: Christine's stories are always fast paced, sexy reads. I felt the build up between Serena and Bryan worked well and realistically. They are attracted to one another, and while they act on that attraction, it isn't until later that they realize feelings are involved.
Storyline: Neither Serena nor Bryan are looking for love. They are thrown together due to scheming best friends and siblings and despite their red hot attraction to one another, find they need one another for different reasons. Serena needs Bryan to be the face of their matchmaking company and Bryan needs Serena to pretend they are together to ward off his crazy ex-girlfriend. Along the way, the two discover that resisting one another isn't quite as easy as it seems and as much as they want to hold on to the promises they have made to themselves, some promises are worth breaking.
Characters: Bryan definitely is over the crazy women he seems to attract. Helping his sister out at a charity date auction is the last thing he wants to do. However, he cares deeply for his sister, and she desperately wants to see her brother happy. Bryan, however, has made an oath not to settle down until his time in the service has come to an end. He refuses to end up like his father, not valuing the institution of love and marriage, cheating and hurting someone who cares for him. However, Serena blows into his life and suddenly things aren't as clear as they used to be. He is confused by his feelings and is unsure of what the right thing to do is.
As tough as Serena appears on the outside, when it comes to love, she is terrified. She has not had the best example in her parents, and has not had much luck in the relationship department herself. She thinks it fleeting and while she believes it exists, just doesn't think it's a right fit for her. The more time she spends with Bryan, the more he starts to change her mind.... and her heart.
These two have some seriously hot chemistry. I love that Serena isn't a shy, meek character. She can definitely hold her own and I love that she has some sass. Bryan is a pretty dirty talker himself and has a bit of a commanding sexual side!
Final Thoughts: As I said earlier, I definitely want to go back and read the first book in the series, because Grace and Trick sound like they had a great story too. I will definitely continue to read more of Christine's Brazens- they always have just the right amount of sexy and steamy!

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  1. Okay so I only read your final thoughts part because I haven't read this one yet and I need to! I actually did read Dirty Trick and I looooooved it! Trick is all sorts of yum. Yay glad you liked this one :)

    1. Oh man! I think I have Dirty Trick on my Kindle.... I need to go see.... I definitely want to meet him!

  2. I need to read a brazen soon! It has been too long and I love these books! This sounds so good. Great review!

    1. This was my first Brazen in awhile, so it definitely made me happy to read! I just love how quick and fun they are!


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