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Blog Tour: You Were Mine by Abbi Glines

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Welcome to my stop on the You Were Mine blog tour hosted by Atria!
Today I am excited to share my review with you all!

You Were Mine (Rosemary Beach #9)
   by: Abbi Glines

Publication Date: Dec. 2, 2014
Publisher: Atria Books
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Source: Physical ARC received via the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Page Count: 256 pages
Order Links: Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Blio | BAM | Google
My Rating: 4.5/5 stars

From #1 "New York Times "bestselling author Abbi Glines comes a brand-new Rosemary Beach novel about Tripp Newark and his hidden romantic past with Bethy Lowry.

In the eyes of the wealthy playboys who frequent Kerrington Country Club in Rosemary Beach, Tripp Newark is a hero. Under pressure from his parents to become a lawyer and lead a conservative, upper-class life, Tripp disappeared from town five years ago to travel the world, forfeiting the opportunity to inherit millions. Yet few know what he was really running from...

Bethy Lowry was unraveling long before her boyfriend drowned in a riptide trying to save her after she'd had one too many drinks--again. A trailer park kid working as a cart girl among the wealthy patrons of Kerrington Country Club, Bethy has always been impressionable. But five years ago, before she earned her reputation as a hard-drinking, easy girl, she had spent a single summer with Tripp Newark that changed her life forever...

Going into this one, I had NO idea it would be my favorite of all the Rosemary Beach books! Having just very recently read Woods and Della's story, I was able to get a feel for both Tripp and Bethy, and everything they've been through. Having witnessed Bethy at her most broken, it made me happy to see her trying to move forward and take control of her life again in this book. Tripp's unfailing devotion to watching after her is so sweet and it warmed my heart to see him care for her so deeply. Tripp and Bethy's story is a difficult one, as they've both endured a great amount of pain and loss in their lives. Their romance is not rushed and I was really pleased with the way Glines developed it. Not only do we get dual POV here, but we also get flashbacks to see how Bethy and Tripp first met one another back when they were much younger. Seeing the vibrant, sweet, shy Bethy she used to be compared to the broken, lifeless one she is now, was absolutely heartwrenching and I just couldn't read fast enough because I was desperate for her to find her happiness again.
I really enjoyed the setting in this one too. Part of the time we are whisked away to an island off the Keys for a very special occasion and I loved seeing the gang all together again. Seeing Rush, Grant, Woods, and their women all so happy really makes me smile, especially knowing that they each had their own challenges to overcome. It gave me hope for Tripp and Bethy, even though I knew Bethy still had a lot of healing to do first.
Bethy was not an easy character to like in the previous novels, but I found myself really liking and rooting for her in this one. Her backstory with Tripp explains so much now as to why she acted the way she did and why she was drinking that fateful night of Jace's accident. At only 16, Bethy was left with the weight of the world on her shoulders and felt abandoned by her first real love. Having went a little out of control, she is saved by Jace, Tripp's cousin and eventually falls for him. The one thing I want to make clear because sometimes this storyline bothers me: Bethy truly loved Jace. She knew he wasn't Tripp and while he sometimes reminded her of the one that got away, she still loved him. Tripp can never replace Jace for her, but she can't deny that she still has feelings for the boy that once stole her heart. It's not about who she loved more. It's about a woman who has known love by two different men and after losing one of them, allows her heart to move on and fall in love once again.
Tripp is such a good guy. Seeing him take care of Della and his friendship with her can attest to that. Now that he has returned to Rosemary Beach for good, he is determined to take care of Bethy now.... even if it's from afar. He is incredibly patient with her and I like how he knows her so well to not rush things and push her too hard. She has to be the one to come to him and as much as she wants to avoid him and their past, she is finding it more difficult to do so day by day. I was a little irritated with him for a bit after they return to Rosemary from the island. Woods did iave him some excellent advice though, which seemed to strengthen Tripp's resolve.
"Things worth having don't come easy," Woods said. "You have to fight for it until you're tired of fighting, and then you take a breather and fight some more."
I do think it's worth mentioning that Tripp has an extremely dirty mouth. He is quite the dirty talker, thus making his and Bethy's scenes extra steamy. There weren't as many love scenes in this one as in previous Rosemary Beach books, which I actually liked. It made their times together that much more passionate and meaningful in my opinion.
I don't think it's required you read the other Rosemary Beach books in order to enjoy this one. I think it helped that I read Simple Perfection, so I could understand the big event that led to Bethy's downward spiral, but it's not a necessity. I enjoyed this one immensely, watching such a broken woman find her strength again and see her want things for her future, including the love of a good man. If anyone deserves a HEA, it's Bethy and Tripp.

Abbi Glines is the New York Times, USA TODAY, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Rosemary Beach, Sea Breeze, Vincent Boys, and Existence series. A devoted booklover, Abbi lives with her family in Alabama. She maintains a Twitter addiction at @AbbiGlines and can also be found at Facebook.com/AbbiGlinesAuthor and AbbiGlines.com.

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  1. I am so glad to hear you ended up enjoying this one so much. I really hope to get started on this series one day. I feel like I need to meet these characters... one day lol


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