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Review: Dirty Talk by Megan Erickson

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Dirty Talk (Mechanics of Love #2)
   by: Megan Erickson

Publication Date: Sept. 15, 2015
Publisher: Avon Impulse
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Source: e-ARC received via Edelweiss and the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Page Count: 304 pages
Order Links: Amazon | B&N
My Rating: 5/5 stars

When the one you shouldn't want is the one you can't resist...

Brent Payton works hard, plays hard, and has earned his ladies’ man reputation. But he’s more than just a good time, even though no one seems to see it. Until a gorgeous brunette with knockout curves and big, thoughtful eyes walks into his family’s garage and makes Brent want more.

Ivy Dawn and her sister are done with men, all of them. They’ve uprooted their lives too many times on account of the opposite sex, but that’s over now. The plan seems easy until a sexy, dirty-taking mechanic bursts in Ivy’s life and shakes everything up.

Brent can’t resist the one person who sees past his devil-may-care façade, and Ivy finds it harder and harder to deny how happy he makes her. But she has secrets of her own and when the truth comes out, she must decide if she’ll run again or if she’ll take a chance on forever.

This will probably be a shorter review, because let's face it. I loved this book so hard and I just want everyone to read it. I love those Payton boys something fierce, so I was THRILLED Megan gave them their own series. I completely fell for grumpy, gruff Cal in Dirty Thoughts and I have been looking forward to Brent's book for awhile now. The playboy, goofy middle brother was bound to have an awesome story and sure enough he did!
I love Brent to pieces. He is goofy, sure, but he has a serious side too. He wants to be taken more seriously by others and it's been hard to do that when you're around people who have known you for years. With Ivy though, Brent gets to show her there's a lot more to him than the things she's heard. I loved how Brent was with Ivy. He was determined to prove to her that he was a guy worth knowing and falling for. Seeing him with Ivy's daughter Violet was beyond precious and I loved seeing the two interact.
Ivy was a great match for Brent, but it took her some time to finally let herself be with him. Ivy and her sister Alex, have uprooted their life to escape Alex's ex-boyfriend, who was verbally abusive to her and has made little Violet scared of males. It was a bad situation and the girls have vowed that the other comes first and foremost. I got a bit frustrated with Ivy because I hated that she kept her feelings for Brent a secret. Alex is not only her sister, but her best friend, and while she would have struggled with it at first, she would have come around. I hated seeing Brent's feelings hurt, especially since he has been dismissed as a joker for so long.
Brent and Ivy's chemistry is electric and Megan writes tension SO WELL. I was desperate for these two to fall in love! I loved seeing how comfortable and natural they were with one another on their dates. Brent makes Ivy laugh and she isn't afraid to push up her sleeves and get a little dirty with him too. Their crab date was the greatest ever.
I was so happy to see Cal and Jenna again, as well as Asher and Julian. Jack, the Payton boys' dad, is the one that really blew me away this book though. He's not a major character, but his involvement is so poignant and it made me tear up because of how heartfelt it was. He really is a good guy through and through and I love seeing this gruff, tough man have those moments. I can't wait for Alex's book next. Emotionally, she carries a lot of baggage, so I am looking forward to meeting the man who will help break past those barriers and help her find love again. I also want a book for Davis, Brent's next door neighbor who is paralyzed and in a wheelchair. He is a good guy too and his and Brent's bromance was just the greatest.
So, this wasn't quite as short as I expected because naturally I had to gush about how much I loved it. Definitely get this one, you guys. You won't regret it!

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  1. I soo need to read this series. I keep hearing amazing things. I'm so glad you loved this one.

  2. I am dying to read this one! I know I am going to love the characters! It makes me so happy that you loved this one so much. Great review!

  3. I loved that crab date too! It was so adorable and I shipped these two like crazy. Megan really does know how to write tension between couples. I was so ready for them to fall in love!
    Great review, Jess!! :) I can't wait for Alex's book. (AND HOPEFULLY DAVIS!)

  4. I love how much love Megan is getting! I'm going to add this to the list of books I need to get my hands on!

  5. I read an excerpt of this one and was quite hooked and now reading your review and seeing that you give it 5 stars, I'm more than happy than I totally 1-clicked this one!

  6. I agree with you Jess! This was such a sexy, chemistry-filled book. I loved Brent (swooooon!) and Ivy together so much. I can't wait for Alex's book now!

  7. Okay I still have to read this, i'm so behind on my review books but I CAN'T WAIT!! I'm so eager to read about Brent. :) Looking forward to those parts with Jack too! Love this family.


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