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Review: Claimed by Elle Kennedy

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Claimed (Outlaws #1)
    by: Elle Kennedy

Publication Date: Oct. 6, 2015
Publisher: Signet
Genre: Dystopian Erotic Romance
Age Group: Adult
Source: e-ARC received via the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Page Count: 368 pages
Order Links: Amazon | B&N
My Rating: 4/5 stars

The bestselling author of the Killer Instincts novels “knows how to write scorching sexual tension” (USA Today). Now she really sets it on fire in a new series about men and women living on the edge of violence, sex, and life and death.

After a devastating war decimated most of the world, Hudson Lane has only known the oppressive life under her own father’s tyranny. She finally escapes, branding herself an outlaw and hunted by the Enforcers. Her best chance at survival is Connor Mackenzie, an aggressively sensual fugitive who opens her eyes to the wicked possibilities of a world without rules.

As the leader of a band of outlaw fighters, Connor can’t resist the beautiful stranger who asks for his protection. Despite his reservations, he agrees to introduce her to a whole new way of life. But when Connor discovers Hudson’s connection to the enemies of liberty, he wonders how far he can trust the woman who has abandoned all inhibitions to challenge every forbidden desire.

I don't even know where to start with my review. This book was scorching hot and I honestly could have kept reading about these characters for hours on end. Not to mention, I LOVED that it was dystopian! I am so excited about this new series.
I was really interested in the set up. People are grouped into Enforcers, Citizens, Outlaws, and Bandits. Citizens are those who live in the cities and Enforcers are the ones who keep control in cities (and even have bases of operation outside to keep Outlaws and Bandits in check). Outlaws are those who have decided to live their lives completely separate from the laws of the Global Council. Many of them such as Connor and his band of men don't agree with how GC runs things and would rather do things their own way. Bandits are wilder than Outlaws, more desperate and can be quite dangerous. Connor, Rylan, Pike, Xander, and Kade are our sexy Outlaws and I have to say I fell for all of them. Connor is the leader of the group, even though he never asked to be. He is good at being in control and the others recognized that inherent leadership in him. Rylan is probably the closest to Connor and I ended up really liking their friendship. Rylan is more fun-loving and easy going, where Connor is serious and gruff. I will say Kennedy definitely created a rather.... interesting dynamic to their friendship, especially where our heroine Hudson was involved. Pike was the most stoic one and definitely didn't warm up to Hudson like the others did. I wasn't sure if I would like him, but sure enough Kennedy had him win me over. Xander and Kade were also good guys, though we didn't get as much of them as the others.
I really liked Hudson. She may be from the City and on the run, but she is not weak. She can hold her own, but she isn't immune to fear. She's realistic and I liked that because she was a heroine we could actually buy into. Having run into Connor and his group at a bar, she isn't too proud to admit she needs help. Connor is pretty against the idea, even though he's seriously attracted to her. He doesn't let outsiders in because they are liabilities. Once you find out his past, you can't really blame the guy for being the way he is. Connor and Hudson have sexy as hell chemistry and their scenes are five degree burn hot. Kennedy knows her way around a good sex scene and she isn't afraid to push the boundaries either. Sex is very open and freeing among the Outlaws. They aren't ashamed of it and they certainly aren't afraid of a little voyeurism.
Seeing Hudson and Connor progress to more definitely made me happy though. Their feelings ran too deep to be blasé about their sexual experiences so I definitely enjoyed seeing them become more intimate together. Hudson is keeping a pretty big secret from Connor though and you know that it's not going to end well, considering Con's nature. I really hope we get more about Hudson's brother in the future. I don't think his story is finished yet. We met so many other intriguing secondary characters and out of all of them I hope we meet Reese in future books. She is the leader of a nearby community and she is one of the very few that can resist Rylan's charms, so naturally I would love for the next book to feature those two. 
I really can't wait for the next book in the series. I am definitely hooked and I am already excited to see the group again. We still have some incredibly sexy Outlaws to learn more about....

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  1. I would love to see Rylan get a book and this Reese sounds like she is perfect for him! I loved this one too and I loved the dystopian world. Great review!

  2. So happy you loved this one as well, Jess. I wanted a little more from the story and I'm just not into books where the couples have sex with other people, so it wasn't entirely for me. I do love her writing though. It's so addicting!
    Lovely review!

  3. Yesssssssssss. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one so much. I think I've told you this every single time I've seen you mention this book. Great review! :)


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