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Discussion: When Did My Reading Habits Change?

By 8:00 AM

When Did My Reading Habits Change?
Hi guys! I've been thinking about this topic for awhile now, but it basically boils down to the fact that I am not the same reader that I was when I started blogging three years ago. Heck, I'm not even the same reader I was a YEAR ago!
So... what in the world happened to me?
1. I became a distracted reader.
I used to be able to sit down and power through books. Nothing would distract me. It was me and my book and that was it! However, lately while I'm trying to read, I find myself getting up to do other things, mess with my electronic devices, etc. I always feel like I have a million things to do, so I can never just settle in to read. Unless it's the end of the night and I tuck myself into bed. That is when I get my best uninterrupted reading done.
2. I became a mood reader.
I used to be able to power through books. I could read book after book in the same age group or genre. I could pick up anything. Mood was never a factor for me. Until now. I've found myself simply not in the mood for some books and therefore, I won't read them. I'm having this problem with Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson right now. It's not that I don't like the book, because I do. I am definitely intrigued. But I don't want to read it right now. And I don't want to force myself either because I'm afraid that will hinder my enjoyment of the book overall.
3. I'm no longer good at planning out what I'm going to read.
I used to follow my schedule and spreadsheet like a champ. I can be quite OCD at times, so I like following a certain order. I am such a list maker, but I can't just pick and choose off my list, I like to go in order. However, that is also something that doesn't work as well for me anymore. I think it goes back to being a mood reader, so if I make a list of books to read and I'm not in the mood, then the list becomes pointless for me. Also, I don't like feeling pressured to read either. Just knowing that I HAVE to read it over WANTING to read it causes a problem for me. I could love the book. But I have to choose it on my own time.
Thoughts? Are you the same reader you once were or have you noticed things similar to mine have also happened to you?

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  1. I'm definitely not the same reader that I was when I started blogging 4 years ago. I've always been a mood reader, so that hasn't changed. But my tastes have changed a bit. I started blogging mainly about YA books, and now I rarely read them. I do read them, but not that often anymore. I'm so into adult romance, and I'm absolutely loving it!

  2. Oh gosh, my reading habits have changed so much since my pre-blogging days. I have always been a mood reader and I have only gotten more moody over time lol. I just need to be in the mood to read a book, otherwise I will not enjoy it even if it is the best book ever. Now I find I read more than one book at a time. Before I blogged I would read one book and then on to the next, but now I find myself juggling books. I am reading one, listening to one, and then reading another one at a slower pace and I think this goes back to not wanting to settle into one book. I also noticed I slowed down in recent years. In my early blogging days I powered through books like a champ, but now I have slowed down a bit. I still read a ton more than the average person but its not what I was doing a few years ago, and I think its just because I have 8,000 other things going on and something had to give a little bit.
    Anyhoo, I'll stop rambling but I super floved this post.

  3. Oh man! I relate so hard to this post, Jess. I've become such a distracted reader too. Like I can't even read through for one hour without wanting to get up and do something else or play with phone. I tried switching off my phone, wasn't working for me!

    And I'm very much of a mood reader too. I'm pretty much all "screw schedules and arc release dates!" I just read whatever I'm in the mood for and it works for me, so I can't complain.

    All the changes work for me though (well except for the distraction), so I'm not complaining.

    Great post, Jess!

  4. I am totally a mood reader too but I have been planning a list each month year of ARCs and sticking to it so far -- my biggest thing in the past was never being able to pick what to read next so the list is actually helping me?! I would love to just re-read books all the time but I haven't been doing as much of that. I hear you re: distractions too -- I love to read in the morning before I get dressed etc but that means waking up early so maybe not a realistic solution!

  5. It's funny: I just posted a discussion post about how blogging has changed my bookish self. Great minds ;) Yeah I'm definitely a mood reader now and I don't remember being that way when I was younger. I could power through book after book regardless of content. Since I started blogging though, I've discovered that I AM a huge mood reader so I've never been able to stick to a schedule D: I think mobile phones, social media apps have turned us all into creatures with short attention span! I can't even sit through a 20-40 minute show without checking my notifications >.< GREAT post Jessica^^ xx

  6. My reading habits have completely changed since I started blogging, and I agree that they're constantly evolving. I go through stages where I love certain genres and stages where I feel the need to branch out. Stages where I don't mind reading on a schedule and stages where I can't stand the idea of that book I "have" to read. Reading changes along with life, I guess!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  7. I'm a massive mood reader, and I've always been! I can totally relate with having a book you've been super excited about but not being in the right mood to read it at the moment, so you push it for later. I will no longer try to make me read something I'm not in the mood for, because my enjoyment of the book will suffer for sure...

    I can be a very distracted reader too, so when I really want to focus on reading, I leave everything but the book in a room and move to a different room with just the book to focus and make better progress!

  8. I've never been much of a mood reader per se, but yes i have noticed that I am loosing my groove It sucks, because then you get stressed because you're behind and that's not fun at all!

  9. What an honest post. I can definitely relate to being both a distracted reader and a mood reader. I used to be able to read and tune out the rest of the world, but it seems life's responsibilities won't let me be! *sigh*
    As far as moods go... I'm a Gemini so yeah lol



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