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The Monday Musts: Aven Ellis, Young the Giant, Epic Reads YA Retellings Chart

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The Monday Musts is a new weekly meme I started and will be doing instead of Music Monday. This way I can combine my love of music to fit better with my book blog.
I would love for others to join me in doing The Monday Musts! I have included a Linky at the end of my post, so please share your Monday Musts!
It's super easy to do. What is a must read book? What album/song/artist is a must listen? And finally what has caught your eye that is a must see? (Can be ANYTHING. Other blogs, bookish things, pictures, etc.)
This week's MUSTS:

Must Read:
Since we are in the midst of hockey playoffs, I thought I'd highlight some of my favorite hockey romances by Aven Ellis today! She has two hockey series out, the most recent release being Trivial Pursuits! These are sweet, sexy, and fun reads!
(Dallas Demons series)
(Chicago on Ice series)
Must Listen: 
Young the Giant is one of my favorite bands, so I am super excited for new music from them! This song is their first release from the new album and I am really digging it!
 Must See:
Epic Reads posted this YA Retellings chart a few days ago and I remember loving the one they did with the historical books, so I HAD to check this out!
Click here to go to their site to be able to zoom in on the chart and see which books they picked for each category!
There are so many awesome books on here that I have both read and am dying to read!!!
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  1. Oh I love that YA retelling graphic!! I will have to really check that out on their site so I can zoom in!

  2. One of these days I will actually go back and read all of Aven's books. I have no real excuse except ... lack of time? Love that chart from Epic Reads. My wishlist grew exponentially when I saw it.

  3. Those Aven Ellis books sound right up my alley! I think I even have a few of them. Hopefully I can get to them soon. Also that chart is awesome!

  4. I really must join in this meme some week soon Jess, it's such a fun post. I'm glad you gave Aven a shoutout, I'm loving her Dallas Demon's series but have still to start Chicago on Ice. I save Aven's books for days when I need a pick me up as they such feel good books.
    That retellings chart is amazing! My TBR will explode :D

  5. I love the retellings chart! It's so great for retelling challenges, and for coming back to the ones you've loved. :)

    - Eli @ The Silver Words

  6. I remember to do my Monday Must this week *happy dance* but I forgot to come over here before the Inlinkz timed out >.<

    I love the YA Retellings Chart! I'll have to save that for later to really take a look at it!

  7. That retelling chart is EVERYTHING! Thank you so much for sharing Jessica :D *pours over the chart some more* Have an awesome week ♥

  8. Dallas Demons series is totally new to me but sounds so good! Glad to have you back J!!

  9. I love this meme so much, Jessica! I definitely need to participate next time. I’m not a sport fan, but I love sport romances, thanks for your recs. I love retellings, but I haven’t realized there are so many of them. I’ll check out this chart.

  10. That retelling graphic is everything! And yes to all Aven's books, I can't wait to read Trivial Pursuits soon. And I must definitely join in this meme some Monday soon, it's great :)


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