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Review: Perception by Lee Strauss

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Perception (Perception #1)
  by: Lee Strauss

Publication Date:  Sept. 12, 2012
Publisher: ESB Publishing
Genre: Science Fiction
Age Group: Young Adult
Source: e-copy provided by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Page Count: 234 pages
Order Links: Amazon | B&N
My Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Eternal Life is To Die For.

Seventeen year old Zoe Vanderveen is a GAP—a genetically altered person. She lives in the security of a walled city on prime water-front property along-side other equally beautiful people with extended life spans.

Her brother Liam is missing.

Noah Brody is a natural who lives on the outside. He leads protests against the GAPs and detests the widening chasm they’ve created between those who have and those who don’t. He doesn’t like girls like Zoe and he has good reason not to like her specifically.

Zoe’s carefree life takes a traumatic turn. She’s in trouble and it turns out that Noah, the last guy on earth she should trust, is the only one who can help her.

PERCEPTION is a (SF/mystery/romance) Young Adult novel that takes place in the not-too-distant future in a world changed by climate extremes, natural disasters and impending wars, and where scientific breakthroughs cause class divisions—both financially and philosophically. It explores the clash between faith and science and how differences can separate us as enemies or ally us together. And in some cases, even in the midst of betrayal and personal crisis, there’s room to fall in love.
                                                                   -goodreads.com description

Welcome to the new age. On the outside Zoe Vanderveen has a perfect life: perfect looks, perfect house, perfect boyfriend. She is one of the privileged- she is a GAP (genetically altered person). She lives in Sol City, which is close to Los Angeles or the outside as they call it, where many 'Naturals' (non-GAP's) live. However, as perfect as Zoe's life is- she is starting to see the cracks in the perfection. Her brother and her boyfriend have been working long hours at the university science lab. When she confronts her boyfriend Jackson about it, he is evasive and acts as if he's just tired. When her brother Liam goes missing that's when Zoe's world is turned upside down. Why would he leave without telling her? Why can't the authorities track his chip implant? Why is everyone acting so nonchalant about his disappearance? And why is her boyfriend acting so strangely? All of these questions leave Zoe unsettled.

I liked that Zoe was so determined to find answers and find out the truth. She could have just accepted her brother's disappearance and grieved along with her parents, but instead she took action. She knew it wasn't like her brother to just disappear- at least not without telling her. And the mysterious note that she found in his room has to have some significance. After seeing her maid's son Noah Brody on TV actively protesting GAP's and their technology along with a person named Zach Dexter, she takes a chance that this Dexter boy might be related to the note in her brother's room that simply read: DEXTER. Zoe must leave her life of comfort and safety behind and venture outside, where GAP's are not well-received. After changing her appearance, she knows she must get into Noah's inner circle if she wants answers. However, try as she may to fool Noah, she can't and he ends up discovering she's really the girl his mom works for. Having no one else to turn to, Zoe entrusts Noah to help her find out what's happened to her brother.

I liked Noah's character too. Here is this girl, who he doesn't even really like because of who she is and who she has connections to, and he is endangering his own life to help her. As the two start spending more time with one another, they end up realizing they like each other, despite the fact that a GAP with a Natural would never work or be accepted. Being raised differently, they obviously have different beliefs- Noah is anti GAP and Zoe IS a GAP! She believes in the science and the research and he believes in faith and the natural order of things- watching them have a passionate discussion over their ideals is awesome. I'm glad Strauss didn't skirt around the fact that these two have very different ideals and come from two very different worlds. It really made their relationship more realistic and more intriguing.

I think Strauss did a really good job of unraveling the main storyline quite well. I had an idea of who was involved in Liam's disappearance, but other than that, I didn't predict quite a few of the other extenuating circumstances.The pacing went well and I was a bit surprised by a POV change more than halfway through the book,but I actually ended up liking that. It was cool to get into Noah's head, especially after what happens...

This is the first book in the series and while it doesn't end on a cliffhanger, it definitely leaves me ready to read what happens next!

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  1. Really enjoyed your review. I'm interested in checking this one out. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Annette! This one was really interesting and I'm so glad to have found it!

  2. I, surprisingly, don't even remember this book. I really like the premise for it, and the mysterious and suspenseful storyline sounds so much fun and edgy! I also like Zoe and Noah's characters, they sound fantastic. I can't wait to meet them and pick up this book! And no cliffhangers are always good! lol ;p Glad you enjoyed this, Jessica! Great review! :D

    ~ Maida
    Literary Love Affair 

    1. I saw it on NetGalley and I was immediately interested in the cover. Once I read the synopsis, I thought- let's do this! :D Thanks doll, I loved having something different to read!

  3. Oh this sounds pretty good. The whole premise is interesting. Makes me think of Perfection which I really loved. I may have to try this one. Awesome review!

    1. Thanks Teresa! I enjoyed it! It was definitely different and I needed different at the time. LOL

  4. OOh this sounds like something right up my alley! Zoey sounds like the type of MC I admire in these types of books.

    Great review hon!

    1. Thanks Tonya! I thought it was a pretty cool read and I definitely liked Zoe. :D

  5. I love this author's other books so I've been meaning to check this one out!! I love the cover, too! It is so cool looking! Glad to hear that the pacing was good and that the characters were enjoyable!! Sounds like a great read!!! Nice review! I'll definitely be checking this one out!!!

    1. Awesome! This is the first I've read by her, but I definitely am up for more!


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