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ARC Review: In Bed With Mr. Wrong by Katee Robert

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In Bed With Mr. Wrong (Out of Uniform #1)
   by: Katee Robert

Publication Date: Jan. 13, 2014
Publisher: Entangled: Brazen
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: Adult
Source: e-ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review.
Page Count: 250 pages
Order Links: Amazon | B&N
My Rating: 4.5/5 stars

The blind date from hell is about to get hotter…

Brianne Nave is never doing her friends a favor again. When they begged her to go on a blind date, she didn’t expect someone so perfectly gorgeous. She’s a mousy librarian—totally not in this man’s league. And judging by his odd reaction when she opens the door, he knows it, too.

Air Force Pararescuer Ryan Flannery avoids his hometown at all costs. He’s not thrilled about the date until he’s shocked silent by the prickly little librarian’s sweet curves and kissable lips…and her smart mouth. But then an argument leads to a kiss that spirals out of control. How can two people have so little chemistry outside the bedroom when they fit together so perfectly in it?

When their friends strand them in a cabin to "work things out," Bri’s not sure whether to kill him or put the industrial-sized box of condoms they find to use. Bottom line—Ryan’s career military and hates the tiny town she loves. He’ll leave, just like everyone else in her life. And if she’s foolish enough to give him her heart, he’ll take it with him.

This is my first official Brazen and I can tell you right now: IT WON'T BE MY LAST. I have several Brazens on my Kindle, but just haven't found time to read them. They are such fast reads, however, that I will be sneaking them in at every possible opportunity!
In Bed With Mr. Wrong was a fun, cute, steamy read and I devoured it in no time at all! I loved Bri and Ryan's characters and their back and forth banter was hilarious! They are total opposites but they have some incredibly hot sexual tension! They do NOT get off on the right foot at all and have a seriously awkward blind date. Yet, they didn't let that awkwardness interfere with how the date ended that's for sure! Whew!
Bri definitely let her defenses get the best of her. She grew up in foster care and didn't have the best experience with it. Too many times she felt unwanted or abandoned and she now has some self-confidence issues. Ryan's expression when he first sees her reminds her all too well of the look her first set of foster parents had when they first saw her. Her first instinct is self preservation and she ends up making some snide comments and brings up his past, throwing it in his face.
Ryan definitely doesn't back down from the challenge. He's just as stubborn as she is and doesn't let her sling insults without dishing them back in return. Bri let the pain of her past interfere and she jumped to conclusions about Ryan's initial thoughts. He is taken back by how beautiful she was, but how she LOOKED the part of a librarian. He is annoyed she thinks he's a charity case, as he's only home on leave for a short time. She doesn't know the first thing about him and he doesn't like that she makes her assumptions based on hearsay. Ryan also didn't have the best childhood growing up. He had his brother Drew, but that was it. Their father was a drunk and Ryan had earned a reputation as the troublemaker kid. This is one of the reasons he had to get out of his small hometown that Bri loves.
Hands down the fact that these two go from fighting to trying to crawl inside one another is my favorite aspect. I always loved how in The Notebook Allie and Noah would scream and fight with one another but then turn around and can't get enough of each other. That is exactly how Bri and Ryan act and it is oh-so-HOT.
Drew and Avery (Drew's best friend and a good friend to Bri) are plotting to get the two together and end up stranding them in a cabin with one another for a few days- Bri and Ryan are NOT happy with the development, but being stranded definitely has its perks.
I really liked Drew and Avery. They have been best friends forever and their scheming and plotting to get Ryan and Bri together is great. We don't get a whole lot of them, but from what I can gather, they are going to be fun characters to get to know in Drew's story (which I think is next)
While Bri frustrated me with her insecurities, I understood why she was so against letting Ryan in. Letting him in would make her vulnerable and she is terrified of that feeling of abandonment. She likes her small town and her job- both are reliable and make her feel safe. Ryan's job is dangerous and he doesn't want to put down roots in Wellingford. Ryan makes her FEEL so much and she is afraid of getting in so deep with him she won't be able to dig her way out after it's all said and done. Ryan is a champ for not completely losing his cool with her. She frustrates him, but the more intimate they are, he realizes he really does care for her and she is hiding behind her fear. As much as he wants her, he won't let her play games with him and I was pretty proud of Ryan for standing up for himself.
Ryan and Bri have some really tender, sweet moments and I liked seeing these two get to know one another and tear down each other's defenses. Falling for each other may not have been in the cards, but sometimes love will find you where you least expect it. It's up to Bri and Ryan to make the choice as to whether they will take the plunge with one another or spend their lives running scared.

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  1. Great review hon! I have been looking for some quick and fun reads. I have a TON of Brazen's on my kindle to and haven't read a single one. :)

    1. Thanks girl! I enjoyed this one alot! It was just what I needed to kickstart my reading mojo!

  2. Ohhh hello sexy cover. I love the sound of this one! Must read it soon. I love Brazens. Have you read JLA's Brazen titles because OMG!!!!

    1. Hehe! This was my first Brazen and it won't be the last! And I've read one of JLA's! I can't wait for the next!

  3. Holy hotness! I am so excited to read this one! You have lit my Brazen fire and I can't wait to read so many more!! :-)

    1. YAYAYYA! I love that we both became obsessed with these at the same time!

  4. This one sounds great! I love how the friends plot on how to get these two together. Awesome Review Jess :)

    1. Me too! I love that they conspired against them!

  5. Oh, I love Brazen books, but I haven't read any lately. I really liked Wrong Bed, Right Guy, and need to read more.
    Great review!

    1. I can't wait to read that one! Hopefully soon!

  6. I have a few Brazen books I really need to read, you definitely make me want to go pick one up now. Great review!

    1. Thanks Michelle! I am a huge fan of them now!


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