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Weekly Wrap-Up #44

By 8:25 PM

First off a huge thank you to those of you that commented on last week's WW post! Your encouragement means SO much to me! <3
We were supposed to start school this past Monday, but we ended up getting some snow and ice so we didn't actually go back until Wednesday and it was delayed 2 hours! It was nice to ease back into the school routine! I did have to go and work the basketball game Tuesday, which was kinda suck, but oh well.
Next weekend is my bestie's birthday, so I am traveling 3 hours to see her and we are going to the Luke Bryan concert on Saturday! Woooo!! Pics WILL be posted. :D
I hit a reading slump during Christmas break, but of course I got my mojo back at the very end. I've already read 14 books this year! (3 of those were novellas though.) SO- my week on the blog was a busy one!
Sunday:              Stacking the Shelves #48
                           ARC Review: Three Broken Promies by Monica Murphy
Monday:           ARC Review: Sweetest Mistake by Candis Terry
Tuesday:            Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Resolutions for 2014
                           Blog Tour: Surrendering To Us by Chelsea M. Cameron
Wednesday:      Cover Reveal: Whisper To Me by Christina Lee
                           Waiting on Wednesday: Free to Fall by Lauren Miller
                           ARC Review: Where You'll Find Me by Erin Fletcher
Thursday:          Swoon Thursday: In Bed With Mr. Wrong by Katee Robert
                           Cover Reveal: Enjoy Your Stay by Carmen Jenner
                           Cover Reveal: Taking Something by Elizabeth Lee
                           Release Blitz: Stolen Wishes by Lexi Ryan
Friday:              ARC Review: Forever Loved by Deanna Roy
                          Cover Reveal: Perfect Kind Of Trouble by Chelsea Fine
Saturday:         ARC Review: In Bed With Mr. Wrong by Katee Robert
                           Blog Tours/Release Blitzes:
                           All I Ever Wanted by Lexi Ryan, Rhonda Helms, Caisey Quinn, and Marilyn Brant
                           Drew+Fable Forever by Monica Murphy
                           Pieces For You by Genna Rulon
                           Good Sensations by S.L. Scott
                           Lover Undercover by Samanthe Beck
                           Resisting The Hero by Cindi Madsen
                           Being Sloane Jacobs by Lauren Morrill

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  1. OH MY GOD you're going to see Luke Bryan in concert!!!! I cannot be more jealous. Have so much fun!!!! Also, I can't believe you've already read 14 books!

    1. Thanks chica! I'm super excited! Haha! To be fair, a few of those were novellas though!

  2. Wow! I can't believe you've already read 14 books this year! That's awesome! Keep it up :)
    Have fun at the concert! I can't wait to see pics!!!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    1. Thanks Lindy! :D I'm super excited! I love me some Luke! I've been a reading machine, but it'll probably slow down now that I'm back in school. Blah.

  3. You do realize, that while in middle of a reading slump, YOU HAVE READ MORE BOOKS THAN I HAVE READ IN THE PAST FIVE YEARS. Just pointing that out. ;-)

    Can't wait to see your concert pics!

  4. Woohoo! Luke Bryan! 14 books! Damn girl! I'm so excited about our Brazen feature! It's gonna be so fun!

    1. YAY! I can't wait for our feature! It's going to be amazing!

  5. I hit a reading slump last week. Thankfully, Carly Phillips and Cara McKenna pulled me out!
    Have a great week.

    1. Yay! Don't you love it when that ONE book just pulls you out and makes it all better? LOL!


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