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Chelsea & Jessica Get Brazen #8 {Tempting the Best Man by J.Lynn}

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Hey guys! So happy it's time to get Brazen again! This week we read Tempting the Best Man by J.Lynn! That woman KNOWS how to bring it swoon! WHEW! 

Madison Daniels has worshipped her brother's best friend since they were kids. Everyone thinks she and Chase Gamble would make the perfect couple, but there are two major flaws in their logic. 1) Chase has sworn off relationships of any kind, and 2) after blurring the line between friends and lovers for one night four years ago, they can't stop bickering.

Forced together for her brother's wedding getaway, Chase and Madison decide to call a truce for the happy couple. Except all bets are off when they're forced to shack up in a tacky 70's honeymoon suite and survive a multitude of "accidents" as the family tries to prove their "spark" can be used than for more than fighting. That is, if they don't strangle each other first…


Are you into the whole wedding thing? Do you see yourself having one? Or is eloping more your style?

Jessica: Assuming I get married one day (I'm still waiting for my Chase Gamble to show up!), I always planned to get married somewhere in the Caribbean. I've never wanted the stress of planning a wedding and dealing with all that crap. 

Chelsea: I am with you! I am all about eloping. Weddings are expensive, high stress and not worth it! I would love to just get married on a beach somewhere with a few close friends and family.

How would you describe Chase in 5 words or less?

Chelsea: Smart. Successful. Sexy. 

Jessica: Sexy. Stubborn. Loyal. Determined.

Do you feel the whole playboy denying his feelings for the sweet girl because he's not good enough for her is a bit cliched? Or does it not bother you when done right?

Chelsea: I am definitely over it. The first time I read this book, I hadn't been reading many in this genre so it didn't bother me but re-reading it, I definitely noticed it more.

Jessica: I definitely think it's overdone in the contemporary romance genre. However, as long as the author can make it original and put their own spin on it, I am okay with it. 

If you could be locked in a wine cellar with anyone- who would it be?

Chelsea: I am a Chris Pine fan girl! He can feel me up in a wine cellar any day. Don't you want to be stuck with this? :-)

Jessica: Greyston Holt. HANDS DOWN. Here. Let me show you.

What is your favorite sexy scene in the book?

Jessica: You know I'm a sucker for a bath scene! :)

Chelsea: Me Too!! Honestly, hands down my favorite scene. 

How would you describe the book overall in 5 words or less?

Chelsea: Entertaining. Romantic. STEAMY!

Jessica: Sexy, heartbreaking, fun, and HAWT! 

What is your favorite Chase line?

Jessica: “When he spoke, his lips brushed hers. “I want you. Bad. Right now. Against the wall. On my bed. The floor and maybe in the bathroom later. I have a shower stall and a Jacuzzi we could put to really good use. I know you’d like it.”  Mmhmm. Chase Gamble is sex on a stick!

Chelsea: "There is no one else-- there's never been anyone else for me but you. You're it, Maddie."

Tempting the Best Man is the first Brazen that I ever read and I fell in love with the series instantly. I was due for a re-read and since I knew Jess hadn’t read it yet, I was psyched to pull it out again this week. It is just as fun, sexy and entertaining the second time as it was when I read it the first time. It might even be better the second time because I know what’s going to happen and I’m eagerly awaiting the moments Madison and Chase share.

Chase is best friends with Madison’s brother, Mitch, and she has been in love with him since as long as she can remember. He’s sexy, smart, and successful and he has always been kind and protective of her. Unfortunately, she feels like he only sees her as a little sister and after one drunken night a few years ago, things haven’t been the same between them. Now her brother is getting married, she has to walk the aisle with Chase and to top it all off, they’re stuck in a room together for 2 days. Things are about to heat up!

I really like Madison and how she handles Chase. She isn’t afraid to confront him and call him on his shit. She also does a pretty good job of holding herself together when he is hot and cold with her. She definitely wants him to see her as more and she works really hard to break down his walls and get him to see how good they could be together. Chase has some serious commitment issues that mostly stem from his father. His dad was a philandering prick who really hurt their mother and Chase and all his brothers are really afraid of becoming like him. Because of that Chase doesn’t do major commitments and he also doesn’t think he is good enough for Madison. I respected Chase for thinking of Madison and respecting her enough to not want to hurt her but what a bunch of bullshit. Why do men always think they know what’s best? As if a woman can’t decide whether someone is good enough or not themselves? He definitely didn’t see Madison as a little sister and he had a really hard time controlling himself when he was with her.

Seriously, Chase and Madison have some really excellent chemistry and some very sexy and steamy scenes. Despite Chase’s insecurities and constantly pushing Madison away, he can’t help but feel the same electric pull that she does and he isn’t very good at resisting it either. After one incredible night, Chase finally realizes his feelings for Madison but he causes a huge misunderstanding that sends her fleeing and he may lose her for good. I felt like Madison really over-reacted to the misunderstanding with Chase and had she talked to him instead of running, she would have saved herself a lot of heart ache. Thankfully Chase is a smart man and he doesn’t give up easily. I was happy to see that he fought to get her back and proved to her that he loved her.

Overall, I really enjoyed this one. I felt like the plot lacked some development but it was well written and fun so it didn’t really detract from the enjoyment. The characters are really fun and they have such great interactions. Also, the steamy scenes are definitely a major plus!

I really loved Tempting the Best Man! I read Chad's story first, but I have to say I loved this one a bit more. I love the older brother's best friend trope and this is what we have here. Maddie has always been the tag-a-long to Chase and her older brother Mitch. She has loved Chase forever and has never outgrown that love for him. One night changed everything between them her junior year in college and ever since no other guy even comes close to comparing to Chase Gamble.

I really liked Maddie's character. She's sweet and fun, but she's not a pushover either. My heart really hurt for her because she doesn't want anyone besides Chase. Yet, she can't keep letting her heart get broken by him either and I admire her for one of her choices she made towards the end.

Chase, Chase, Chase. My heart hurt for him too. His parents did not set a good example for their boys on what it was like to be in a loving relationship. Their father is an alcoholic and a skirt-chaser, while their mom sank into depression for loving her husband too much. All 3 Gamble boys are affected by this, hence their bachelor status. Chase may seem like a playboy, but he's really not. That's Chad, for sure. Chase cares about Maddie, but doesn't feel he could ever live up to be the man she deserves. He is so afraid of turning out just like his father, when everyone around him sees otherwise. They see what a good man Chase is, but he is terrified of treating Maddie like his mother was by his father.

These two have such chemistry together. Chase knows it's wrong to want Maddie like he does, so he comes up with a typical guy solution that does not go over well at all. I definitely wanted to kick him in the junk and tell him to quit being an idiot. Because they have been friends for so long and have a history, it's fun to see their back and forth banter as they reminisce about when they were younger. Chase loves to tease and remind Maddie of things she did and get a rise out of her.

I loved Maddie's family. Her parents are hilarious and quirky and I loved that about them. She has a close relationship with her older brother and I'm glad he was supportive of her and Chase. I've already read Chad's book, but I am so ready for Chandler's! I have a feeling he is going to be the darkest and sexiest!

Overall, this is a quick, steamy read filled with delicious sexual tension. If you're a fan of romance and aren't over the whole 'I can't be with you and love you like you deserve because I'm not good enough and I'm afraid I'll hurt you' cliche, then you need to pick this one up. Cliches aside- it's J.Lynn. She doesn't disappoint.

Thanks for joining us for another Brazen feature this week! Come back next week as we get Brazen with His Risk to Take by Tessa Bailey!

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  1. *blush* Haha I really love reading your commentaries, girls! Is Armentrout like Bailey?

  2. I loved this book and it has been so long since I've read it now and I feel like I need a re-read! Chase is such a cute and I loves him! Great discussion girls!

  3. Yeah I agree about the weddings thing!! Haha super stressful -- why didn't I just elope in Vegas again?? Also this was my first ever brazen read too! Loved it. I do wish it had been a little longer but it was syilll super enjoyable. :) also umm yeah Chris cpine can feel me up in a wine cellar too. ;)

  4. I really liked this one but liked book 2 better. What happened to the other brother's book?

  5. Great discussion! I loved both books in this series! I agree that the whole cliched theme had been done too much, but like Chelsea, I read this story a while back before reading a lot of books with that them. If I had to get married again, I would def. elope! Also, I love both of your choices of who you'd like to be alone in a wine cellar with!

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  6. I loved this book so much and it was one of my 1st Brazen reads, back when the imprint was barely starting up, haha. JLA always gets me and I can't help but be addicted to her writing!


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