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Monthly Recap: June 2015!

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Monthly Recap!

Well to say this month didn't go as planned reading/blogging wise, is an understatement. I knew it would be a difficult one with all of the things I had planned, but I did NOT plan on the lack of motivation in between my multiple events!
With that being said, I had a lot of really great things going on this month.
The first of which was the Boldly Bookish tour in Memphis, TN. I was asked by Bloomsbury to moderate a panel that consisted of Trish Doller, Emery Lord, A.C. Gaughen, and Tiffany Schmidt. You can see my full recap post here as well as enter the giveaway! (Which is still going on for another week!)
The most magical arch in the South! :)
That Tent- I think this was Houndmouth.
With my bestie!
The very next day started a 4 day music festival here in Manchester, TN called Bonnaroo. I went with my best friend and saw so many great musicians play. Some of my favorites included Bleachers, Mumford & Sons, Florence + the Machine, Ben Harper, Houndmouth, just to name a few. Just like the last time I went, I discovered new bands AFTER the festival was over and was bummed I didn't get to catch their set. This year's regret? Not seeing Twenty One Pilots. Ah well.
It was hotter than all get out, but we survived! We stayed at my apartment, which was about 30 minutes away, so we just drove in at our own leisure every day. (Camping is NOT my thing.) I loved how many people we met from all over too. It's just such a positive environment and I loved how cool everyone was. I can't wait to go back again!
Tonya, Danielle, me, and Wendy
I really only had two days to recuperate in between Bonnaroo and UtopYA! That's ok though because FRIENDS.
UtopYA was a very different experience for me this year. We were all pretty content to just do whatever and I think it ended up working better for us than sticking to a set schedule. Still, I had a great time meeting up with some of my dear author friends and bloggers.
Wednesday, the girls arrived and we ended up getting some Soulshine pizza for dinner. Mmm. We also helped Heather (Lyons) get set up for her table at the hotel. And Wendy and Danielle discovered football players. LOL.
Thursday, we went to a couple panels. I really enjoyed the one with Chelsea Fine, Rebecca Donovan, and Katie McGarry, as they were talking about sex! Wooo! LOL.
We went to The Loveless Café for dinner, which is where this lovely picture below comes from.
The Farmers'.

Me with my Heather!
Friday night, we went out on the town in downtown Nashville and after getting drinks and appetizers at Bar Louie, we headed for Tin Roof for some live music (and what a great cover band they were!) We got photobombed by these Irish? guys. LOL.


Saturday night was awards night at UtopYA and I'm so proud of Heather for winning Best Supernatural Book Cover!

With Morgan Wylie.
Blue Hawaiians are the best. For real.
So yes! It has been quite an exciting June event wise for me.
Now, on to the books!
My absolute favorite books this month were actually two 4.5 star reads!
Zack by Sawyer Bennett
Dirty Thoughts by Megan Erickson
I loved these two books so much and still have all the feels from them!
I didn't think I had a 5 star this month, but it turns out I did!
4.5 stars:
4 stars:

 3.5 stars:

3 stars:
Total Books Read: 16
Total Audiobooks Listened To: 0
I participated in one Top Ten Tuesday this month:
For some non-bookish related posts:
I cooked more yummy meals and hosted them on Tasty Tuesday!
Stuffed Chicken Philly Peppers
I shared some new music for Music Monday:
Song Obsessions:
Sedona by Houndmouth
Young & Golden by Smooth Hound Smith
Stressed Out by Twenty One Pilots
Big Decisions by My Morning Jacket
Most Anticipated Books for July:


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  1. You had such an awesome June! It looks like you had a blast at UtopYA! And there are so many books up there I need to read. I've started Chasing River and it is really good so far. Now I just need time to finish it haha

    1. Thanks girl! It was such a fun time! It's weird being home and doing nothing. LOL. I'm so excited for Chasing River!

  2. All these pictures look so fun! I loved Dirty Thoughts too :)

    1. Sigh. Wasn't Cal just.... perfection? I loved his grumpy, gruff self.

  3. Sometimes our blogging motivation can get really low, but at least you had a quite amazing month of June with moderating on an event, the music festival and UtopYA with bookish friends! Events with bookish friends are always so awesome!

    1. Thanks hun! I agree- it as nice to have so much to do, so now I'm hoping I can get back into the swing of things!

  4. My heart hurts that you didn't love The Masked Truth! D: I feel like I built it up too much LOL.
    Seriously tho - I'm coming back to Nashville... soon. BE READY.
    I miss your face. <3

    1. Aww. It's ok hun. It might have been my funk too. So definitely don't feel bad. And I'm ready! COME BACK.

  5. What a fabulous month you've had! I loved all the pics! Wasn't Lady Thief fabulous? I also am super excited about Ink and Bone--I have an e-ARC and I'm starting it this week!

    1. Thanks Katie! :D YES! OMG. Lady Thief was SO SO great! I loved it so much! Even though the end KILLED my heart. LOL. YAY! I'm starting Ink and Bone too!

  6. It looks like y'all had SO MUCH FUN at UTOPYA. I wish I could've made it down. Oh, Zack! I loved that book so flipping hard. It made my list of top reads from June, too. Dirty Thoughts was also great! I enjoyed The Devil You Know – even if I had one heck of a time sleeping after reading it. I still need to read Suddenly One Summer, so I'm glad to see you enjoyed it! I just finished Chasing River and enjoyed it so much. I found a copy of Manwhore +1 out early at Barnes & Noble so I'll be all over that this weekend. Plus, St. Martin's Press surprised me with a gorgeous finished copy of Exposed so I want to fit that in this weekend too. SO MUCH READING.

    1. I wish you could have come Kim! NEXT YEAR. DO IT. :D Zack was SO SO good. Sigh. I felt so bad for that man. Wasn't The Devil You Know creepy?! I was a little nervous myself that I would have trouble sleeping! YAY for Manwhore! I am going to stalk your updates.


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