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The Monday Musts: The Book of Ivy series by Amy Engel, Nick Jones ft. Tove Lo, Syracuse Basketball

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The Monday Musts is a new weekly meme I started and will be doing instead of Music Monday. This way I can combine my love of music to fit better with my book blog.
I would love for others to join me in doing The Monday Musts! I have included a Linky at the end of my post, so please share your Monday Musts!
It's super easy to do. What is a must read book? What album/song/artist is a must listen? And finally what has caught your eye that is a must see? (Can be ANYTHING. Other blogs, bookish things, pictures, etc.)
This week's MUSTS:

Must Read:
The Book of Ivy series by Amy Engel is one of my favorite dystopian dualogies! They are so good and I just adore Bishop and Ivy's relationship!
Must Listen: 

 I am really loving this new song by Nick Jonas and Tove Lo! I'm not a huge Nick fan, but I adore Tove Lo's voice. This video is really weird and it definitely gets interesting towards the end.... (I wouldn't watch with little eyes around.)

 Must See:
Oh my gosh y'all! My team is ON FIRE! Both the men's and women's teams are advancing to the Final Four! I am PSYCHED! The men's game last night was absolutely a resurrection story. Here we are a 10th seed upsetting a number 1 Virginia. And let me tell you: it didn't look good for us for the majority of the game. In fact, late in the 2nd half we trailed like 38-51. We needed a little bit of magic. And we got it in the form of freshman Malachi Richardson.
Check out his deep 3 here at the beginning of this video! Unbelievable! Also, watching the guys on the bench go nuts is so much fun. (You'll have to follow the link to YouTube. Trust me. It's worth clicking the link to go.)
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  1. I'm going to need to read Amy Engel's series, aren't I? Both you and Jen Fisher talk about how good they are and, well, I trust y'all. I don't *love* the song, but the video is fantastic. (And not just because it gets a little steamy at the end.) The dancing is incredible. Great job on both of them! Congrats to your Orange. (As a former Big East'er, that's a hard sentence to say.) BUT, I love seeing the underdogs upset the #1s! :)

  2. Yes to the Ivy books! I need to re-read those books at some point.
    Congrats on your team's win! :)
    Happy Monday and have a great spring break!

  3. I need to read The Book of Ivy! I have the first book so hopefully one of these days! And you must be so excited over Syracuse! That is so so exciting and I'm sure it killed tons of peoples brackets lol.

  4. Good job on your team!! My team was bounced against UNC. BOOO! I need to pick up The Book of Ivy. I have heard nothing but great things.

  5. I have heard such great things about The Book of Ivy! And I'm really glad to hear that it is a duology! I really need to give it a try!

  6. Ok so this is the FIRST TIME I've heard of The Book of Ive (whaaa?!) It's weird because looking it up on GR lots of blogger friends have read it and given a rave review for it. I feel like I've been living under a rock here LOL! I'll be adding it to my tbr shelf! Thanks Jessica :D Oh and I'm not a huge Nick Jonas fan either but I LOVED his single ''Chains'' and well, this is really catchy too! Great post^^ xx

  7. Ha! I know, everyone is sooo excited about SU! My Facebook feed is filled with GO SU stuff.

  8. I've had the Ivy books on my TBR for some time now. I've heard all good things. I really should check them out soon. BTW I'm gonna do this meme on my blog! Love the idea of it!
    -Amanda @ She's Quite Bookish

  9. Enjoy spring break! Happy for you re: Syracuse now that my team is out!

    I have heard awesome things about that series and I own both books so I need to read them!! ♥

  10. I love me a good Dystopian book series! I haven't heard of the Ivy Series, but I will add it to my TBR. Have a great week.

  11. ohhh a Dystopian series that I hadn't heard of! GR! thanks for sharing!


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