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The Monday Musts: The One Universe, Something Rotten!, The Chemist

By 12:00 AM

The Monday Musts is a new weekly meme I started and will be doing instead of Music Monday. This way I can combine my love of music to fit better with my book blog.

This week's MUSTS:

Must Read:
It's been awhile since I've read these, but I remember loving this dualogy! I definitely want to reread sometime soon. It's a bunch of superhero, action, adventure, science fiction goodness!
Must Listen: 
Artist: The Original Broadway Recording
Album: Something Rotten!
Favorite Songs: Welcome to the Renaissance, Right Hand Man, Hard to be the Bard, Something Rotten/Make an Omelette, Finale
My aunt and I went and saw this last month while she was here and I absolutely LOVED it! I am so glad we saw this one! It was laugh out loud funny and I am now hopelessly obsessed with the soundtrack.
Christian Borle is incredible and did such a stellar job as Shakespeare. Have a look below!

Must See:
So, at the office we were all pretty excited to hear this news about Stephenie Meyer's new adult thriller! Haters gonna hate, but I loved The Host, so I'm definitely going to be checking this one out!
Here's the Hypable article to take a peek at for more info: http://www.hypable.com/stephenie-meyer-new-book-the-chemist/

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  1. I really do need to make time to read that Leigh Ann Kopans series. I've really enjoyed all of her YA contemporaries. I think I even have these... I should get on that.

  2. I remember hearing about One and Two but I'd kind of forgotten about them. I think I need a refresher on GR but thank you for bringing them back to my attention! So many books, so little time :)


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