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Cover Reveal Tease: Our Love Unhinged by Brighton Walsh

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Hey guys! I'm SUPER excited to help reveal a puzzle piece for Brighton Walsh's OUR LOVE UNHINGED, which releases 8/20!!!
About the Book:
Once upon a time, two people fell in love. They overcame obstacles. Persevered through challenges. Came together despite the odds stacked against them. 
Now forever and always is within their grasp—he asked, and she said yes. Just a trip down the aisle, an exchange of vows and rings, and they’ll be bound together for the rest of their lives…
But even the greatest love can’t silence fears. 
Our Love Unhinged is the final novella in the Reluctant Hearts series, and is best enjoyed after reading books 1-3 in the series.
Mini Excerpt:
His lips part as he looks his fill of me, his gaze sliding down the length of my body encased in white silk before he meets my eyes, and then his lips lift in a smile. It’s a smile that takes my breath away—one that says I’m his whole world. I can’t break away from his gaze for a second, even to look at the guests who showed up for our special day.

He’s all I see.
Preorder HERE
Ok, I've kept you waiting long enough! Here's your puzzle piece for today!!! Only one more piece left!!!!
The full cover can be seen tonight over at Heroes and Heartbreakers!
If you haven't started this series, what the hello kitty are you waiting for?! DO IT. DO IT NOW. You are welcome.

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