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NYC Adventures Part Two!

By 7:00 AM

Christmas time at Rockefeller Plaza!
Hi guys! Happy New Year! I've gone back and forth over whether or not I want to continue blogging and while most days I don't, I actually felt like it today! So, we'll see!
I enjoy doing these NYC posts, so I thought I'd include another one! Obviously ALOT has happened since my previous one back in July!
Let's see... I've been to TWO Mets games!

I've been back to the beach at Rockaway... this time around we went to where my roommate knew of this awesome arepa place... SO GOOD.

And I got some quality reading time in!

Lili and I went to the San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy which was a lot of fun! And SO TASTY!
I also went to NY Comic Con! I helped set up for work on Wednesday and then went and enjoyed the day Sunday! I got to go to the Westworld panel which was AWESOME!

 Our awesome booth! (Berkley)

My friends and I also got out of the city for a day and went apple picking upstate! It was so much fun!

(Sadly, there weren't many apples left on the trees...)

We also did a Haunted Hayride and had a Halloween party! This is the first time I've dressed up in years! But it was a blast!
Joyce from Stranger Things
For my birthday, I decided to enter the Phantom of the Opera lottery and surprisingly, I won! So, I went and saw that the week of my bday. My roommate also got us Fiddler on the Roof tickets for my birthday, which was amazing!


Finally, my friend and I did a NYC Christmas tour! We started on 5th Avenue and walked down to Rockefeller Center, to Bryant Park, Macy's... It was such a blast!

There you have it! I obviously did much more, but I think that's probably enough! And now I shall make you hungry with some of my favorite foods I've eaten!
Spunto and Bonchon

Canyon Road


Havana Alma de Cuba
New York City Bagel & Coffee House

Dinosaur BBQ
Bluestone Lane and Kith

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