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Monthly Recap: April 2015!

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Monthly Recap!
Hi guys! So, I've always admired everyone's monthly recap posts, but never really got around to doing one myself. So this month I'm making it happen!
I started off the month really strong and pumping out the reviews like no one's business! And then I sort of lost steam because I added working out at the gym to my daily routine- thus cutting down on reading/blogging time. I feel a lot better though and I love how empowered I feel after going, so losing out on some reading/blogging time is the sacrifice I have to make.
I read some really awesome books this month.
I think my favorite read of April has to go to I'll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios. Man, that book you guys. SO many feels. And the letter from Josh? BE STILL MY HEART!
I only had one 5 star read this month! (I did have a 5 star audio though!)

4.5 stars:
4.25 stars:
4 stars:
3.5 stars:
3 stars:
Total Books Read: 18
Total Audiobooks Listened To: 2
Apparently I read/listened to nothing less than 3 stars this month! Yay! I also read Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry, but am still unsure of my rating. (I really liked it though!)
I started doing discussion posts this month! First up was The Effects of Being a YA Reader and Teacher. I also talked about Finding the Balance. I got some really great feedback, so I appreciate you guys for chiming in with your thoughts!
I only participated in one Top Ten Tuesday this month:
For some non-bookish related posts:
I also cooked some yummy meals this month and hosted them on my Tasty Tuesday post!
I also shared some great new tunes for Music Monday:
Song Obsessions:
Cocoon by Catfish and the Bottlemen
Lifted Up (1985) by Passion Pit
The Yawning Grave by Lord Huron
Little Wanderer- Death Cab For Cutie
Most Anticipated Books for May:

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  1. Oh my gosh, that letter from Josh <3 <3 I think reading that letter made me love the book so much more, if that's even possible?

  2. Great recap! You read a lot of books that I love too - I'll Meet You There, Changing His Game, The Distance Between Us, Play On, Boomerang/Rebound... I love that we have the same taste!
    Here's to hoping for another awesome reading month... and then June I get to see your pretty face!!

  3. I must read I'll meet you there soon, sounds fab! And it looks like you are finding that balance so yay for that!

  4. I have I'll Meet You There and I am super scared to read it! :D Glad to hear you are feeling good!

  5. Ohh this was so fun! You had a good bookish month I have got to read Need Me! And I cant wait for you to read Two Of Hearts, so good!

  6. holy moly you read so much! I really want to read Boomerang so badly! fantastic reading month!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  7. A month when nothing you have read has been less than 3 stars and there have been no DnF's... it's a good month indeed!

  8. Jessica, Jessica! You read the Chicagoland books? How many? OMG, didn't Hard Bitten hurt? That book fucking hurt! Keep reading/listening :)


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